Mini Goal Monday: One Step Closer

Here it is…Monday again!!! OH NO! haha. Monday has this sort of negative association attached to it. Why? Wellll because it’s the first day of the week for most people when they have to go back to work. Most people dread work sooooo much that they dread Mondays. That doesn’t sound fun.

 Monday sets the tone for the rest of your work week. So then guess what? You spend the week looking forward to Friday and instead of living in the moment you live in the future and the moment passes you by. That’s 5 out of 7 days that you spend dreading your life or letting it pass you by. Then every year we say…this year went by so fast. Well no wonder, you spent majority of it not only dreading it but missing it because you were waiting for the weekend.

If you want your Mondays to be better (thus setting a better tone for the rest of your week) I see two options to get past this oh-so-dread. You change your perception of Mondays and start thinking of ways to enjoy Monday…..or….. you get a new job!


There is NO reason to have a job you don’t enjoy. There is NO reason to compromise your happiness. Most of us work jobs we don’t like because of money and in turn we think money  is going to make us happy… but guess what, if you’re not happy working then what’s the point? That’s 70% of your life unhappy and to me, money is not worth it, especially when most come to find out money doesn’t really make them happy in the end. It’s what you do with your life that can make you happy. How you use 100% of your time not the remaining 30%.

Now I understand that for most of us, our dream job doesn’t just land in our lap. We have to do some other work to survive to then get to where we eventually want to be BUT don’t compromise too much of your self or your happiness to do so. Make sure you keep your dreams in view. Make sure you are working and doing what you need to get closer to where you want to be. Evaluate what you are currently doing and ask yourself a few questions. Is this on track to getting me to where I want to be? Am I growing? Am I gaining experience? Am I learning? If money weren’t a factor, would I still want to do this? What am I compromising and is it worth it?

That’s why Mini-Goal Mondays exist. So we can get used to becoming clear with our goals, not matter how big or small, and breaking them down so everyday counts, and everyday we are doing something that will get us to our goals. THIS is what can help you change your perspective if right now you can’t change your job.

Monday counts just as much as every other day. What tone do you want to set for your week? How can you make today count?