Truth with a capital T

I cant recall if I have mentioned this before but one of the books that expanded my views about the Law of Attraction and how to co-create your reality was “Ask And It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham).

I read this book a few years ago after graduating from The Landmark Forum and being obsessed with “The Secret” and it’s been a non stop journey of seeking self growth and Truth ever since. Because of this book I have been able to develope a deeper understanding of my spirituality and belief system and truely reconize the connection with my True Source within.

Yesterday I was on the way back from a trip to San Francisco and my cousin had posted about Abraham Hicks and the online videos. I began listening to the videos on the last part of my trip home and became very intrigued.

I wanted to post one today called “Finding The Truth” because to me, learning to understand what Truth (with a Capital T) means, is a good introduction to understanding how you are currently creating your reality and how to get the things you desire.

A little background on Abraham Hicks. Abraham is not a physical human being, but “a group of non-physical entities” that called themselves Abraham and they speak through and are interpreted by Esther Hicks.

Yes, I know you probably thinking “What the….” and I’ll admit I was very confused and not sure what I believed when finding about Abraham and it was one of the things that made me think “What the hell am I reading?” when I opened the book “Ask And It Is Given” but as I read I resonated with what I was reading and to me THAT is what mattered.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter who or what information is coming from, if it resonates or makes sense or connects with you, get curious about that and test and decide for yourself what the Truth is.  Enjoy this video about Truth with a Capital T!

There are so many interesting videos with many different topics so I will probably start sharing them frequently. Let me know how you liked this one!!!


Marie Forleo – How To Get Anything You Want

I wish I could post the actual video on here, but I can only share the link. It’s Marie Forleo’s (creator of B-School) video about “How To Get Anything You Want”.

It’s worth watching!!! check it out and her other videos… she’s awesome







True Love

I want everyone to know I am not avoiding writing about whats been going on… I promise when the time is right it will come. I was listening to my Spotify now and this song came on and it made me cry because I feel it’s absolutely PERFECT. It embodies exactly what true LOVE is. Most people when they hear the word Love, their minds instantly think of love as it relates to a significant other. Love is LOVE. It just IS not matter who it’s geared to. A partner, a friend, a parent, a child.

 True love is love that lasts FOREVER. Do you have to continue a relationship with someone to still love them? No. When you truly love someone you LOVE them for them no matter who or how they are at any given moment. You love them simply because you love them. Not because of what they offer you, what you expect from them, how they respond to you, etc. That’s whats sad in most relationships is that people allow others to control their emotions, therefore when they love someone it is based off of how that person makes them feel. “I love you as long as you make me feel good”. If that person doesn’t make them feel good anymore, they no longer love them. In fact in most cases, they start to not like them at all. This is called CONDITIONAL love. Conditional love is love based on certain conditions. When those conditions aren’t met the love is no longer felt. How many times do you see people in relationships head over heels and the second they break up they can’t stand the person? How did you truly love them but now dislike them?

True love is UNCONDITIONAL. There are no conditions that must be abided by. It just IS. You love them JUST BECAUSE you do. You continue to show up for them because you want to. With no expectation of return. You are grateful for them as a person and the effect they have in your life. You know that even when something goes wrong, its going right and you don’t hold them to that. There is nothing to lose.

Here is Jason Mraz’s song “I Won’t Give Up”.  Dedicate it to anyone you unconditionally love.

hope it touches you as it did me.