From Thinking to Writing/Speaking

Ever go through something in your head and know exactly what you want to write or talk about but can’t form it into words? It’s almost as if your head speaks a different language then your mouth knows. This happens to me often and the main reasons it’s so hard for me to write. My brain is very active and I am always thinking and putting things together until it makes sense to me but then when it comes to letting it out, I just can’t put it into words. It;s weird because when I am thinking it’s obviously as if I am thinking in English but then how come the words I’m thinking can’t be just transferred onto paper or come out of my mouth?

Anyone else, especially bloggers, have this problem? If so I would LOVE to hear some ideas of any things you do to help you express exactly how you feel or are thinking into words? Is there a process you go through that helps? It can be very overwhelming to feel like you have so much to say or explain, and so much going on in your head yet feel like it’s just suck in your head. Maybe I dont prepare enough before I write. Maybe I should take notes thruogh out the day. Maybe I should have a ritual. I dunno!!!

This is where I am at right now and would love to learn what other people who may have similar issues may do to make the process easier.

Thanks xoxo,