Just Cross The Road

Hey, you want to know a little secret? Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. One of those times is right now! I can clearly see that fear has had a hold over me this last month.


photo by UnforgettablyAlina Flickr

Not sure if you have noticed, but I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to, and lately when I do, it’s like I have been forcing myself to, just to stay a floatI have been scared to write because sometime I feel like if I don’t have a way to sound motivating or inspiring, I don’t have a purpose in writing. I feel like every post has to be this perfect post, even when inside I know it doesn’t.

Question: But how can I be motivating and inspiring when I’m not feeling motivated or inspired? Answer: I don’t always have to be! ANDDDD it’s not up to me to decide whether I am for someone else or not.

I know I’ve known that answer… but it’s still very hard to let go of wanting everything to be perfect sometimes. Anyone else ever feel that way? Like if things don’t go perfect then they will fail. One of the hardest things is KNOWING the answer, KNOWING the right thing to do, yet still being unable to let go or make moves. It’s a feeling inspired by fear! It feels like you’ve been injected with just enough anesthesia to be unable to move, all while watching your life go in the opposite direction.

But I try to just remember the word FAITH, which I have tattoo of, and how having faith is about letting go. I know that’s one of my biggest lessons in these moments. Letting go in those moments of imperfection. Trusting that even if I can’t grasp it, that someone else is learning and growing through my vulnerability.  And that’s part of my purpose here. To inspire others to grow and learn.

What’s funny is that we tend to look at this visions of what we think to be as “perfect” and we aspire to be like that BUT who is it that we actually connect with more? It’s those that show their imperfections and vulnerabilities (yep, that word again). Those that seem to be just like us. Those that make us see that we already ARE perfect, we just need to embrace it.

Having said that, even though I FEEL like I am not perfect in this moment, I am stuck and can’t write, I have nothing motivating and inspiring to say…I KNOW in this moment, I AM perfect. Maybe this moment of being truthful IS inspiring and motivating someone even though I don’t know it.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I want to end this blog, take a couple weeks off, but when it comes down to it I know its out of fear. And over everything else I let fear control, this is one thing I refuse to be hindered. I know this blog is the birth of my dreams. The one thing that even in these moments of feeling stuck, I know by continuing to show up for you, even if inconsistently, is keeping my moving forward. Even if I am crawling.

 So I am staying committed, even if it’s just posting something one time a week, even if it’s not perfect…to write. Just write. Allow myself to FEEL imperfect and write anyways. To not always have the answers but move forward anyways. To not always see the path ahead but feel for it anyways. To feel fear and let go and have faith anyways. If I can do that here with my blog then I even when I can’t tell, I know I’m being uplifted in other areas.

As hard as it is, to post like this feeling as though I’ve done nothing but blab…feeling like this has no point…I’m going to do it anyways. I’m going to let go of the fear.

Randomly, it makes me think of the joke…”Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!!!” I want to re-word it and ask “How did the chicken get to the other side?…he let go, and he crossed the road!” No matter who you are…it doesn’t matter how, but the only way to get to the other side, is to cross the road!

If you are someone that finds it easy to take the next step even when you’re scared, I’d love to know what keeps you moving forward?… If you are someone that constantly gets haulted by fear, what can you do to let go today?

Vulnerability leads to connection. Connections allows us to see we aren’t alone. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your thoughts or story in the comments below so that you can open the opportunity for a connection with someone else

thanks for listening and continuing to show up for me as I will continue to show up for you !



From Thinking to Writing/Speaking

Ever go through something in your head and know exactly what you want to write or talk about but can’t form it into words? It’s almost as if your head speaks a different language then your mouth knows. This happens to me often and the main reasons it’s so hard for me to write. My brain is very active and I am always thinking and putting things together until it makes sense to me but then when it comes to letting it out, I just can’t put it into words. It;s weird because when I am thinking it’s obviously as if I am thinking in English but then how come the words I’m thinking can’t be just transferred onto paper or come out of my mouth?

Anyone else, especially bloggers, have this problem? If so I would LOVE to hear some ideas of any things you do to help you express exactly how you feel or are thinking into words? Is there a process you go through that helps? It can be very overwhelming to feel like you have so much to say or explain, and so much going on in your head yet feel like it’s just suck in your head. Maybe I dont prepare enough before I write. Maybe I should take notes thruogh out the day. Maybe I should have a ritual. I dunno!!!

This is where I am at right now and would love to learn what other people who may have similar issues may do to make the process easier.

Thanks xoxo,


Feeling Stuck?

Ok so some of you (or none of you) may have noticed that I havent been posting much in the last few weeks. Its weird bc when I started I was trying to post about 4-5 times a week even if it were just a picture or an article and it started dwindling down. It was sort of sub consciously. I was making excuses like “I’m too busy” “I don’t really have time” “I’ll post tomorrow“.  And all of a sudden I went a whole week without posting.  I kept thinking of ideas/topics of what to talk about but would talk myself out of writing because “do I really know what I am talking about?”

So I was talking to my boyfriend about how I need to write in my blog and we were going over some reasons that I havent written and of course I am totally putting myself down about it. Comparing myself to some of my favorite bloggers, wondering if I even have enough knowledge or experience on “The Path” to share with other people with any conviction, etc.  Then I magically started talking about how Mastin from The Daily Love talks about how with all the technology and social media in our lives now, we are so connected and we are used to getting all our wants and answers at the snap of a finger. We have cell phones, we can call people the second we think about it. If someone is far away, in another country, we can Skype or email and have a conversation instantly (for free). When we want to listen to the new hot song we just heard on the radio we can download on our phones and computers. When we have a question about anything, we Google it and find 100 responses.

We have come to think that we have LIFE at our fingertips. We have been so spoiled to say the least, that when it does come to something that naturally takes TIME, we become little divas if we don’t get the results NOW.  It’s got us sped up in our own reality and we have lost the sense to  realize that some things take time and effort before getting the result and/or answer you want. It’s actually been disempowering to some of us to move forward in our lives.  We can work out and if we don’t see results the next day we give up. We can be in school but if we aren’t working our dream job at the same time we are discouraged. We can start our own business but if we aren’t rich in the first month we want to give up. Then we label this moment in our lives as STUCK. Listen, I can tell you where we are stuck!!! We are stuck in this life of reality TV and propaganda filled media. Everyone has money and is rich and seem to have best life that we are constantly comparing our lives to theirs and how come our life doesn’t seem to flow as perfectly. How come they seem to get everything done. I mean the divorce rate is so high because not only are people rushing into marriage with a person they hardly know due to this timeline of how their life should be, but they are also forgetting that they actually have to put effort into the relationship to get the results that they want. It’s not working out NOW so they give up.

It is time to slow down and realize that the things that are really worth it in life take time and take effort. We can’t discourage ourselves anymore when it comes to the things we want in life.

When I first wanted to start my blog it was supposed to be with the intentions of wanting to share MY story of MY experiences of MY life on The Path. But then I was trying to jumpstart into this fabulous blog with 1 million viewers overnight. Worried about my content, worried about if I needed to add more pages, worried about if I am saying the right thing. I was forgetting that my blog could take me  a few years before it’s at the point I eventually envision it to be. I never claimed to be some perfect creatively written author. I just wanted some sort  of relatable outlet of the what I have felt and am experiencing as a result to reading other amazing articles. I have to realize that over time I will get better and be more experienced on topics and when I am ready I will then have the expertise to build my readers and content. I’m so worried to catch a reader’s eye right away (and if I don’t im doomed) that I am focusing less on my original intentions for my blog in the first place. By expecting my end results now I have discouraged myself from putting in the effort I actually need to get off the ground in the first place. I am worry about all these issues but how much effort have I even put in to achieve such results? not enough. I’m so worried about trying to be perfect that I’ve stopped myself from even being able to move forward. The funny thing is thing is how this same theme has played out in other areas in my life as well. Isn’t it ironic that we build up our anxiety of not having results NOW and the fear that we won’t get there because it’s not NOW, that we hinder ourselves completely. When you aren’t moving forward you either moving backwards or standing still and we don’t want to do either of those.

How much more satisfying is it when you actually get something you want and you know that you worked hard to get it. When things come so easily we tend to take advantage of it and it loses value. Nothing is worth it in the end if it loses its value. When we work hard for something it will never lose value. The effort, and determination we put in to something, plus the things we gain from that can never be taken away and that is what gives it value in the first place. Sure we might be “broke” for a period of time, you might have to wake up early or go to bed late, you might have to sacrifice some things… but with hard work, determination, and of course love, you will get to your destination. It is absolutely impossible not to. Continue to move forward and you will get there wherever there may be. Your perfect love, your perfect career, your perfect life, your perfect blog. These ideas can be applied to all areas of life.

Stop labeling your life as STUCK! Stop discouraging yourself out of your dreams! Stop standing still! I may have mentioned this before but Nike’s slogan couldnt be better: JUST DO IT!

The universe is constantly giving us opportunities to fulfill our desires but it’s still up to us to put the needed effort in to what it is. If only we used as much energy as we do talking ourselves down into talking ourselves UP! I have this opportunity to eventually make my blog into something wonderful so I have to quit feeling discouraged and becoming a prisoner to my fears. I see Oprah, Tony Robbins, Mastin Kipp, guest blogging, motivational speaking, Life Coaching in my future but how do I expect to get there if I am choosing to be stuck? I need to just continue to move forward, put the needed effort in to it, and then just watch it and myselfgrow. Not only that but ENJOY THE JOURNEY. It is during the journey where all the learning and growing happens anyways right? The ability to enjoy the journey is the precursor to how the destination will feel. If you can’t enjoy now then what can you enjoy?

Yes our current technology is great. Being connected and having things at our fingertips can be awesome, and it’s only gonna get more advanced as time moves forward, but you can not afford to forget that although some things will come at the blink of an eye, not everything will and is supposed to. Focus on enjoying the effort and the journey. And even better, move forward without hindering yourself with tons of expectations. Have no expectations. JUST DO IT!!!

My challenge to you is to start thinking about: What opportunities have you been given right now? Are you putting in the correct amount of effort into it to achieve the results that you wish? If not how can you start to do that? We are all destined for greatness. now go get what you deserve!!!