And The Winners Are….


I would like to announce that TWO winners have been picked for My Mornin’ Coffee’s first exciting Anniversary Give-Away. As promised, one existing follower and one new follower.

As of last week I had 71 existing blog  subscribers, some loyal since my very first blog post. As of today I have 87 new blog subscribers, which means 16 new people have subscribed to my blog in the last week. 

 The winners were chosen by complete random via an online random number generator. #25 for existing and #11 for new followers. Winner #25 will be receiving goods worth up to $50 in value from the Handmade Gallery in Sherman Oaks while the Winner #11 will be winning goods worth up to $25 from the Handmade Gallery as well.



Mel has her own personal blog, listed above, geared towards her own personal achievements.

“It contains lists, tips, timelines, goals and a sum of who I am and what I would like to be.”

Mel has no idea she is a winner yet but I’m sure she will now once she receives my pingback to her blog.

Just want to say THANK YOU Mel for being a follower of my blog for the past 8 months and some odd weeks. I appreciate it and you are doing a nice job on your blog. Keep up the good insight.

Everyone check out Melrourke’s blog and send her a congrats!!!


Tracy Lee (tracylee3737)!/clairvoyanttracylee

Tracy is actually a friend of mine. We met almost 4 years ago in a mommy group. Recently Tracy discovered she was clairvoyant which means she

” I can see and hear spirit guides, guardian angels, and other assorted fun stuff.”

Tracy and I have a lot of similar views about life and I’ve told Tracy in the past I would be interested if she guest blogged for me sometime. Maybe now she will reward us with her awesome insights. 😉 Thanks Tracy for following and I hope you enjoy MY MORNIN’ COFFEE

in a few days I will share with all what I decided to get these lovely ladies. Stay Tuned!