Intuition is not really a thought or a running dialogue, it is a quiet sense of things. The chatter of thoughts that run through our heads feels very different from intuition. The stream of thoughts is driven by habit and conditioning and is usually tinged with emotions. Intuition is not emotional nor is it derived from old conditioning or fear, it has a simple purity to it that is almost impersonal.

~ Deepak Chopra


So do you guys know of the brand Philosophy? Its a brand of products and all the bottles and packaging have these cool little philisophical quotes on them and they are really awesome. I love this brand mainly because I love reading all the different bottles.  Even the philosophy behind their idea is great:

In case you cant read that tiny print above the first one says : ” we use children’s pictures and lowercase writing to remind us of the genuine curiousity, wisdom, and joy that exists within the childhood consciousness  in us all”

. There are hundreds of products. The cool thing is practically every single bottle say something different. Amazing Grace alone has like 4 different sayings. I cant share ALL of them but here are a few good ones :

Amazing Grace: how you climb up the mountain is just as important as how you get down the mountain. and, so it is with life, which for many of us becomes one gigantic test followed by one gigantic lesson. in the end, it all comes down to one word, grace. it is how you accept winning and losing, good luck and bad luck, the darkness and the light.

with clean hands we find our grace. only grace can wash away our anger, bitterness, sadness, or mistakes we regret that no longer serves our soul. with grace and gratitude we dry our clean hands and realize the slate can

Eternal Grace: youth is effervescent and eternal. as children we live in a perfect world full of possibility, hope and boundless prosperity. no dream is too big, and what we believe is what we become. our hearts are pure, with a limitless capacity for love. we wholeheartedly love ourselves and others without judgment or critique. beauty exists within us and flows freely from us. honesty is effortless. life’s simple pleasures bring us endless joy, as we gravitate toward one another’s innocence. delight in feeling forever young.

Falling in Love: when it comes to love, you need not fall but rather surrender. surrender to the idea that you must love yourself before you can love another. you must absolutely trust yourself before you can absolutely trust another and most importantly you must accept your flaws before you can accept the flaws of another.

Inner Grace: God is love. God is peace. God is trust. God is joy. God is family. God is friendship. God is fearless. God is breath. God is life. God is wisdom. God is eternal. God speaks in whispers.

inner grace is a still, quiet voice that connects us to places that live inside our hearts and places beyond this galaxy and the next. to live in inner grace is to be embraced by the deepest, sweetest peace you will ever know.

Keep the Peace: the peace you seek is at your fingertips. you just have to be willing to reach for it. sometimes peace is taking a deep breath, calming your heart and quieting your mind.

to keep the peace is to resist the struggle and surrender to the moment

Love Sweet Love: how do you describe your hand-in-hand stroll in the park when each day seems sweeter and every memory more precious than the last, the feeling can only be described as love sweet love. you have everything to look forward to and every reason to simply live in the moment. suddenly, your number one priority is standing beside you, and all there is left to do is to take their hand and never let go.

Microdelivery (Exfoliating Wash): you are not who you appear to be on the surface. your age, beauty, wisdom and unique qualities are within. clear the debris clouding your perception, and reveal who you really are. you are positively radiant and ready to share your light with the world.

Pure Grace: one of the best tools for longevity and good health is not just taking a walk outdoors but taking a walk while holding the hand of God. when we walk in gratitude for each and every moment, we empower ourselves by empowering our spirits. when we breathe in nature through our eyes, ears and lips, we become certain that not only are our souls eternal, but that God knows how to manage our lives, our troubles, our worries and our days better than we do. so today and everyday let go and let God.

Purity: purity is natural. we come into this world with all the right instincts. we are innocent and, therefore, perceive things as they should be, rather than how they are. our conscience is clear, our hands clean and the world at large is truly beautiful. it is at this time we feel most blessed. to begin feeling young again, we must begin with the most basic step of all, the daily ritual of cleansing.

Summer Grace: summer grace is the carefree spirit of summer. the feeling of freedom as the breeze blows through your hair. the warmth of the sun’s kiss. the smell of sweet summer air and flowers blooming. the taste of juicy, sun-ripened fruits. fun daytime adventures and late summer nights. embrace your carefree spirit, and let happiness bloom.

Unconditional Love: once upon a time, there was a person who said they would love you forever. their love moved on, but your love stayed in the same place. consider the opportunity to love the greatest of all blessings, even when love doesn’t go your way. the love you give is the love you get, and it is all good no matter where love takes you. let the ability to love another belong to you forever and ever because real love stories never end.

With Gratitude: gratitude is contentment wrapped in happiness

Well Balanced: only when we give do we truly receive. when we circulate love and generosity, we live a well balanced life.

They have sets for men too!

Hope you enjoyed these. Keep a look out for these amazing products and even if you dont buy them, just read the bottle. It may lift your spirits.