You. Are. Love!

paper-loveYou. Are. LOVE! You are. Your soul is that of a loving energy among other positive forms. I am blessed enough to have the chance to witness someone grow from the beginning of their human existence.

Think of children. Children are  literally born with such a pureness and innocence. Then over the years from learning the ways and putting meaning to what goes on around them, the ego becomes more and more alive. Through experience and the meanings we attach to those experiences about ourselves, we begin to build layers over who we TRULY are and create this very limited version of ourselves.

It can be very interesting watching my son as he is trying to figure out how stuff makes sense. The more he grows, the more and more I can see his level of consciousness shift from what he Knows to be true to what the outside world is teaching him. The ego starts to creep out more and more. The ego is very fear based. The thing is, fearful thoughts and loving thoughts can not exist at the same time so when we are living in a fear based mindset, we become more and more disconnected from that of which we truly are and how we came into this life. I visualize that there are two planes of existence. A plane in which we live and create through our ego and one in which we live and create through our heart. The crazy thing is, as much as we want to view our ego and fear as bad, BOTH planes are necessary. We wouldn’t have a human experience without them. Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Choosing love over fear, which is the basis to “May Cause Miracles”,  means that each time you chose love you are tearing away the layers you spent years building and you start connecting more and more to your true self. Now think about your experience or ANYONE’S thus far. It is not JUST filled with love. Its filled with love, fear, pain, happiness, heartache, joy…ALL kinds of things. We aren’t born into human form to go through life perfectly spiritually. Otherwise, we would stay as spirits. We are born into human form with the intention to have human experiences. love, fear, pain, happiness, heartache, joy…

In this form there is no such thing as living PERFECT. Even those “special” people we believe as being spiritually perfect have an ego. In fact that ego guided them to where they needed to be, even if it was only in their thoughts. They are/were still human and were no more “special” then you or I. We all are loving spiritual human beings and we all have the same potential for greatness. How powerful is that?

I feel the more I discover and witness to be true, the more I want to reach back into that place I know resides inside. Maybe I don’t have the goal to be Mother Teresa, but I do have the goal to learn and grow more into MYSELF and I know that MYSELF is just as special. I think its important to live with that goal in mind. Each day strive to become more and more yourself. Better then you were the day before.

If you lack some belief or thought about how to learn and grow and become more love, then what is it you strive for? Money? Power? Status? At the same time, without the experience of wanting those things and the path we take to get those things, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the place to actually NEED something more. Think about it, it often takes the hardest times in our life, over and over and over, to get us to the point in which we finally stop and say “there has to be a better way”, “there has to be more”.

As big of a paradox that is, it’s also the circle of life. Like the food chain, this paradox is completely necessary for the human world to function properly. Just as if something as small as ants didn’t exist, if pain didn’t exist, it would throw off the whole Eco-system. All the “bad” things NEED to happen to help you AND others learn and grow and come to live your true purpose. 

Everyone spends so much time trying to figure out the purpose of life. What if the purpose is to EXPERIENCE. Strive to experience! You would not learn good without bad. So strive for and enjoy good but also enjoy learning from the bad. What would it look like if we actually looked forward to learning from the bad? Well then all that’s “bad” would be good right. Talk about the power of perspective. Essentially we live with our ego, with fear, with pain and still cultivate peace and presence. The external stuff isn’t going to change, pain and fear will continue to be, but we can change how we view them and use them. Use it to guide you instead of control you.

Have a full experience being human. Knowing that all the bad shit is VITAL to who you are becoming. EVERYTHING you go through is 100% vital to your life. This means that RIGHT NOW, this very moment, YOU ARE PERFECT!!! Just the way you are. Having the experiences you are having, the thoughts you are having…. even 5 years ago and your thoughts and experiences then…you were just as perfect then as you are today!

Forgive yourself and know that you are RIGHT where you need to be. Thank yourself and know that you wouldn’t  be YOU without it all. Love yourself and know that You. Are. Love! When we are able to forgive, be grateful, and LOVE – you can fully be present to the human experience. That at the least, is a pretty dang good goal to work towards.

I know to my soul and I try to remind myself that without my life as it is right now, I wouldn’t have the chance to become all I’m meant to be in the future. 

We are all living the human experience and going through what we need to go through in order to get a glimpse of our full potential. No one is more or less special. Just as Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. or anyone we’ve ever viewed as “special” used their experiences and ego to catapult them into greatness, you have the same ability.

Think, how can you view your “bad” as good today?



Reflect on the Journey

It’s the last day of the year!!! Some never thought we’d make it to see this day but we’re here at the end of chapter on another year with promise and hope for many more to come.

hindsight-rear-view-future-past-road-mirrorI like for everyone to take some time today and REALLY reflect on this past year and what has happened.

As I look back on 2012, I remember the feeling I had last January and knowing that 2012 was going to be a BEGINNING to awesome things and boy have I manifested that. I started this blog which is a huge step in the direction I want to go. I went to New York for the first time and with my mother of which we hadn’t been on a vacation together for a loooong time. I tried some things I’d never done before like zip lining and parasailing. Both also taking me out of my comfort zone due to my fear of heights. I got engaged to my love and the father of my child of whom I’ve been involved with for the last 7 years. I experienced freedom by setting some truths free and the outcome forced me to grow. We moved into a new house of which we absolutely love, in the process let go of some old and welcomed some new. I’ve been able to spend some amazing quality time with my family. We’ve decided that we want another baby. I created a model of an app idea I’ve been sitting on for two years, and met with some people to see what it’s going to take to make it. I got to meet and have a short conversation with a huge inspirator of mine, Mastin Kipp. I’ve learned more about living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve witnessed new beginnings for my loved ones around me be it babies, marriages, new boyfriends, new schools, new houses, new jobs, new perspectives. I’ve felt love, loss, anxiety, calm, peace, pain, happiness, joy, and a multitude of other emotions! I EMBRACE IT ALL. I am now equipped with knowing even more of what I want to create for myself and my future.

Sometime today, preferably before things get too wild, try to sit down in a quiet space and just go over all the events that took place this last 12 months. Were there things you did for the first time? Did you do something you’ve always wanted to do? Did you step out of your comfort zone? If so, what was the outcome? Did something terrible happen to you at all? What were the lessons learned? How have you become better? Can you see, even a little, how it fits the bigger picture? What were your moments of joy? Did you do anything to step closer to your dreams?

Years come and go and some of us never fully take the time to reflect on our journey. It is fufilling to take a rest break, look back at all the places you’ve been, painful, joyful, loving, or hard and just fully welcome who you are today because of everything. To let go for a second all the woulda coulda shouldas, the whatifs and maybes, and embrace ALL your experiences.

Tomorrow we can focus on our blank canvas of the new year. Today let’s be thankful for our journeys thus far!


Making Changes.

Happy Holidays Everyone! So I’ve been visiting with my mother for the last 6 nights and while I’ve been here I have gotten this very familiar feeling. It could be because New Years is coming up and we all have those good ‘ol resolutions we all like to make, but this feeling is one of really wanting to make big changes in my life.

I feel like lately I have been tested in different way to show me that I need to live the life I want to live. BE the way I say I want to be. I believe we all have an idea of the type of person we want to become (you know those whispers in your head) and the universe is constantly testing us to see how dedicated we are to living that truth. Isn’t is funny, when you think about being healthy and you even start going to the gym, you get invited to that birthday dinner and surrounded by food that you shouldn’t be eating. What about when you think about wanting to be a compassionate person and then that person you can’t stand is randomly thrown into your path. These are moments in which you are being tested. Will you fail or will you pass? Well it depends on how committed you are.

What has come up a lot for me while I have been here is my eating habits, which propelled me  into thinking about a bunch of other things I want out of my life, some even so simple. It’s the holiday season so yea I have been around a lot of not so good food. Ok, ok, I admit I’ve lived off of red velvet mini cupcakes, green olives, and sugar cookies!!! This has indeed been a reminder of how I DON’T want to live. I know, I should be able to excuse myself for the sake of the holidays, which could be true if I had eaten healthy the rest of the year, but really the opposite has been true. At least for the last few months. I have been very very gluttonous to say the least.

This morning was looking at a bunch of people’s before and after pics from eating clean, and training hard, and I just felt this motivation inside of me to really become that person that can follow through on her goals. I have been so close in the past and it’s almost like when I knew what I was doing was working, or that I was succeeding at my goal, I started to mess it up. Like I wanted to prove to myself “see I’m not worthy”. Today that familiarity came with thinking that “I AM WORTHY”. Knowing that I CAN make the changes I want to make. Knowing that I do deserve to reach my goals. You do too!!! It was a familiar feeling because deep down its the pure thought and it’s this single thought that will change your life because you are destined to live the life you dream. We all know that thoughts lead to action. So what actions have you been taking? How have your thoughts contributed to that?


I feel like in my head, I know a bunch of changes I want to make, goals I want met, and it’s easy to “forget” what they all are at certain times, or not think of them often. So I think I want to write them all down. I just got a new journal that I want to start writing in so maybe that’s a perfect place to start. For some reason, writing things down makes them a little more permanent. Also when you make lists like that you start to think more clearly and you can come up with some things you may have not even thought about to a certain extent before.

I know we still have a few days before the New Year but today I want you to make a list of the things you want to work on. Juicing every morning, washing your face every night, having 10 minutes to yourself every afternoon, doing something new once a month…I challenge you to write all the things you want to change, start, do. Do it without judgement. Remember you can’t begin to change something if you can’t admit it needs changing. Start today!! This way when the new year comes, you are ready with your list and you are motivated with a clear vision already in sight. I’m interested in some of the things on your list. I’ll share mine when it’s done. I’ve actually been dying to do this!!! Don’t forget, you can continue to add to this list as you think of more things. Just make sure you WRITE IT DOWN! Watch how an act so simple will change your perspective!



12/21/12 : The Threshold to a New Beginning.

well well well, today is December 21, 2012. The apocalypse every one has waited for. I assume if you are reading this, we are still alive or you are the one of few that survived. Or maybe this is the year 3026 and someone found my computer under dirt. Just messing.

Anyways… so everyone thought the world is going to end today. But guess what? we’re still here as I’m sure you can tell. The Mayan calendar couldn’t go on to infinity ya know. And of course there’s those patterns of all the ages…prehistoric, dark, ice, etc that all end in some catastrophe. Well guess what, I believe this all to be true.

I wrote a note on Facebook a while back talking about how maybe the world IS going to end. Since you are still reading this, maybe your perspective on what END means has to change and in that is the foreshadow to what lies ahead. A massive shift in perception. One meaning of the word END means “the last part or extremity”. Instead of a physical end or the end to humanity, maybe this is just the end to an era we have lived in. I think we are leaving an era of sleep and awakening to the dawn of a new day.

We awaken to see the potential of the new era awaiting our arrival. December 2012 is thought to be the closing of a chapter and now we are shifting into the power of consciousness.

Some people who believe in astrology believe that the dates 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 are closely related. That 12/12/12 is the opening of a gateway with 12/21/12 being the final walk-through. Supposedly we should have been aware of what was happening with us on 12/12/12 as it if a foreshadow of where you are headed as you cross the threshold. Dang, wish I knew this ahead of time! There are now new possibilities seeded within and from this day forward you will never be the same. Anyone experience a big change or something interesting happen between these dates? I would love to hear about it if so!

Welcome to the era of Enlightenment. Remember to wear your sunglasses.

The “Golden Age” has begun. Our awareness is being expanded as you read. We are now entering a world in which we will come closer to our true being. We start to connect with our high source and understand our purpose here. It is said that throughout this transformation, eventually, everything negative will be forgotten about and instead the new world will be filled with love, peace, and happiness. We probably wont live to see this perfect world, and our children may never either, but as our lineage extends on and on they will come closer and closer to this time. Isn’t it amazing to think that it all starts with US.

When we are born, we are born with the energy of Love. It is as natural as the breath we take. But over time we learned to love ourselves less and less. Some even eventually were led to believe love is dangerous. Well that is coming to an end. We are coming to experience that love is NOT dangerous. We are burning all we “thought” to be true and welcoming all we KNOW to be true. Love is the ANSWER not the problem. It starts with the love for ourselves.

We are alive today during this time period for a reason. We are the beginning of a new chapter. The fifth dimension. I don’t know about you but this is awesome. There is a lot of power in our hands now. The threshold is here and LOVE is the password. We will re-learn to love ourselves. And through that, teach and inspire our children who will then continue to pass the great gift. And although we may not be around to witness the human race collectively living in a world of peace, love, and happiness, we can make sure that we INDIVIDUALLY can witness peace, love, and happiness before our end. The world IS our perception anyways right?

I mean havent you noticed more and more people becoming attracted to some sort of consciousness. How many positive quotes do you see/read daily? How many blogs have you come across? How many conversations have you had? More people interested in changing the world. More people interested in yoga and meditating. More people becoming more spiritual and less religious. It seems like more and more people are going through a process of discovering their purpose. It’s more than just a fad.

Going back to the pure heart we once knew is probably one of the hardest things to do because through that journey we must go through a great deal. In order for lessons to be learned we must suffer. Be ready… all your shit is about to come up! But don’t worry because you will pass through these times, you will learn the lessons faster and faster, and in the end you will become a greater being for the sake of humanity.

I ask you, from this point forward, pay attention! notice the shifts happening around you. Pay attention to what comes up for you in your life. What you can learn. Pay attention to this things brought you way and the love you attract. Pay attention to the conversations you see or have. Pay attention to the shifts you go through. Lastly, Pay attention to your intuition! As that is your higher self speaking to you. LISTEN!!! Because after today, your world as you know it will never be the same.



Recognizing Your True Self.

I remember back a long time ago, in my head when I used to think about the future and what I was destined to do I had two visions in mind. What’s funny is that these visions appeared to be completely opposite. I am a very passionate person, especially when it comes to things I believe in. LOVE and deep care for human life and happiness is one of my sincere passions. So in one vision I always saw myself as this person “tree-hugger” type person that spread knowledge and fought for the things I believed in. I imagined myself not feeling the need to really have a big house, lots of money, a nice car as long as I was living what I believed in and helping others. The other vision I was destined to be this rich woman and nothing else mattered as long as I could have and buy the things I wanted. I never pictured this person being one in the same, I didn’t see it possible. One valued self and one valued things. As much as I knew the person that valued self was the TRUE me it was really hard to not want to value things. And it still is. Especially in a society that puts so much focus on the value of things and their relation to your importance as a person.

As I have grown older I’ve come to learn more about the difference between one’s true self and their “everyday” self. Your true self is deeper than your everyday self. I touched on this a tad here. Your true self is who you are in your soul. The purest part of who you are. When we were born into life form we were born in our purest form. Then as we grow and we develope an ego and stories about ourselves and others based on the things that go on around us we start to develop our everyday selves. Our true self is the one that can feel peace, security, love while our everyday self is succumbed to suffering, stress, insecurity.  Just seeing the difference between the emotions these two selves bring about, you can imagine how your reality and experiences could be very different depending on which self is you are experiencing. How can you live according to your true self if you can’t recognize the difference?

I found an article by Deepak Chopra that explains the difference between your TRUE self and your EVERYDAY self.

At those dark, tough moments, try to get some outside perspective about what is happening. The qualities of the everyday self and the true self are actually very different:

1. The true self is certain and clear about things. The everyday self gets influenced by countless outside influences, leading to confusion.

2. The true self is stable. The everyday self shifts constantly.

3. The true self is driven by a deep sense of truth. The everyday self is driven by the ego, the unending demands of “I, me, mine.”

4. The true self is at peace. The everyday self is easily agitated and disturbed.

5. The true self is love. The everyday self, lacking love, seeks it from outside sources.

Because of human nature it is not as easy for some to recognize the difference between both. It takes a lot of insight and practice. I know I mention “The Path” a lot and to me living a life on The Path means being your TRUE self. It seems like it would be so easy but in fact is maybe one of the most challenging things for us to do. Although challenging, your true self will NEVER guide you in the wrong direction. It knows the reality you are meant to live and when you have faith in it, it will make sure you get there. Your everyday self on the other hand, guided by your ego, will do everything in its power to separate you from your true self because it values separation. Millions of people spend their lives chasing the value of “things” due to living from the ego. These “things” will decide the quality and value of life, at least according to how society has trained us. The ego tells us we are separate from the next person therefore we can be scaled as better or worse than them according to our job, money, degree…our “things” and this determines our happiness. Well one of the best quotes I heard was “I wish everyone could be rich so THEN they will know, that’s not where it’s at”.

So while your everyday self wants “things” your true self knows what it really needs to bring joy into your life. Once you can recognize that and trust it your life will change dramatically. The “things” will still be there but your reality about them and most importantly, yourself will change. Your true self will start to offer for you all the things your ego can’t. Pay attention to how you feel. When you feel good it means you are aligned with your higher power. When you feel bad it means you aren’t aligned. Stand up to your everyday self and go towards those things that make you feel good, because in the end thats the thing we are all chasing after. Happiness and inner joy.

“Once you begin to recognize and encourage the qualities of the true self, your life will begin to change. You’ll make better choices. You’ll expand your awareness. You’ll discover and encourage your purpose. You’ll challenge yourself to meet new goals.

The greatest spiritual secret in the world is that every problem has a spiritual solution, not because every prayer is answered by a higher power, but because the true self, once discovered, is the source of creativity, intelligence and personal growth. No external solution has such power. The true self is the basis for being deeply optimistic about how life turns out and who you really are, behind the screen of doubt and confusion. The path to it isn’t simply inspiring; it’s the source of solutions that emerge from within” – Deepak Chopra