Good Deed Sunday: 1/12/14

Sorry I’m a little late on updating my Good Deeds from this last week. I won’t be posting this weeks Good Deeds today because I’ve been unable to pick them all today because I don’t have my deed journal with me. I did make sure I looked up one for today, just not for the rest of the week. I will make sure those are posted in the morning.

As for last week:

image1/5/14: BE KIND TO YOURSELF:
I had school all day this day and during my lunch hour I decided to spend some time with myself. I went to the park by the beach with my lunch and a small book my mom gave me. I took some pictures, ate some lunch, read some of the book, and took a short nap. This was my way of being kind to myself… Just spending some time alone being peaceful, even if only two hours. I could have went o lunch with some people with class, as everyone else usually does, but this day was a perfect day to just relax.

1/6/14: FORGIVE SOMEONE for a minor resentment that’s been bothering you:
For this one I didn’t know if it was something I should just let go of without saying anything or if I should bring it up to the person who I was holding the resentment for. There wasn’t really ever any argument involved, it was just something that had bothered me for a few days. I decided to forgive a friend for something that had bothered me from the previous week but also let her know that I was letting it go and didn’t want to hold a resentment. We had a small conversation about it and moved on so I’m glad I actually did bring it up because I think it allowed me to let it go fully.

On this day I went to Target during my lunch and got 5 pictures printed from my cell phone to send to my grandma Olga. I choose her to send pictures to because sadly I do not get to see her often or talk to her often. For the last couple of times I have seen her, we have taken pictures and she’s asked for me to send them to her and I would always forget to get the printed or even take them off my camera. So this deed was perfect because I was actually able to send her a few pictures from when I recently saw her right after Christmas time.

1/8/14: HOLD THE ELEVATOR DOOR OPEN even if it will delay you:
This one happened without me consciously thinking about it at the time. I usually do this for people in my building all the time so it was something that just happened normally on this day. It wasn’t until after the woman told me “Thank you” that I actually remembered that it was my deed for this day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, so I spent all day treating myself and being treated by others. It was honestly a really good day for me. At first I was a tad upset because I really enjoy celebrating my birthday and I always wanted to do something big for my 30th. This year I am pregnant so that limited my options by a lot as far as really celebrating it the way I had originally planned. By the end of the day I was actually grateful that it was more low-key because I was really able to appreciate it more and experience it all more present then I probably would have been if I were not pregnant. My last blog post explains how this day went. You can read here.

1/10/14: walk around your block and PICK UP TRASH:
Sadly I did not do this deed this day. I didn’t realize how busy I was going to be. I spent the entire day running errands, going to the doctor, driving around from place to place that this one totally slipped my mind. I will make this one up on another day with another deed.

Last week I for some reason didn’t post a deed for Sunday so I looked one up yesterday and posted it on my Facebook page. This is the one I choose which was perfect for this day. I do photography every once in a while as a side job, so yesterday I shot a wedding for a friend’s family member. When I got to the location I told my friend she looked beautiful in her bridesmaids dress. I also of course told the Bride how beautiful she looked, and another friend that was there.

1/12/14: BE MINDFUL of saying “Please”, “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” throughout the day

will be back tomorrow with the deeds for the rest of the week. As normal, if you have decided to follow along, I would love to hear your experience in the comments below.



Good Deed Sunday: 1/5/14

So my first week of Good Deeds is complete. Although for the most part they were really simple, I looked forward to being able to complete them. Here’s some details for how it went.

1/1/14 Smile at a stranger:
As easy as this deed sounds it was an interesting one for me. I know many times I can walk around with somewhat of a serious face. I have been told by strangers before to “Smile, you look so serious”. So I wanted to make the effort to intentionally smile at a stranger, not because they were helping or communicating with me in any way but just because they were in my presence, whether just walking by or standing there. So on the way back from the Bay Area to LA we stopped at a Gas Station of course and I made a conscious effort to give a BIG smile to a stranger walking by. Simple but nice!

1/2/14 Become an Organ Donor:
This one was actually perfect because I had just renewed my license on 12/27/13 and had filled out the paperwork to be a donor. I have been a donor since my first license at 17. Although this deed was done a few days earlier, it definitely still counts.

20140104_1529551/3/14: Put Change in An Expired Meter:
I actually completed this deed on 1/4/14. I thought it was perfect for 1/3 because I was heading to Santa Monica , where they have tons of meters, for school and thought it would be simple to come across a meter that expired. What I didn’t know was, most of the meters turned off at 6pm, at least the ones near my school, so by the time I got down there around 615pm it was already too late.

So yesterday on 1/4, during my lunch break, I was meeting my fiance and son and some friends on the pier. I brought a bunch of quarters with me and as I walked from my car to the pier I scoped out the meters and found TWO meters that were expired and put a dollar’s worth of change into each. My original intention was to leave a loving note but figured I needed no acknowledgement, just a silent act of kindness.

1/4/14: Talk  About What You’re Grateful For:
Since I was unable to complete Friday’s deed on Friday I switched days with this one. I completed this deed on 1/3/14. When I completed this deed it was actually happening naturally throughout the day. When I was getting ready in the morning I had acknowledged a friend, publicly and thought a text, for a new calendar she had given me recently that I am very grateful for. I had also publicly talked about how much I loved my school and was looking forward to attending Friday night. Strangely I found myself in two separate conversations about Nutri-bullet as well and how grateful I was and how much I love mine (and randomly two more conversations on Saturday about it as well). This one is always a good one.

I have picked the deeds for the upcoming week. Again, I invite you to follow along with me on this new journey when you can.


1/6/14: FORGIVE SOMEONE for a minor resentment that’s been bothering you


1/8/14: HOLD THE ELEVATOR DOOR OPEN even if it will delay you

1/9/14 aka  My Birthday: TREAT YOURSELF

1/10/14: walk around your block & PICK UP TRASH

Loving the deeds this week. Hope you choose to follow along. Don’t forget to follow me on FB too where I will be posting the Deeds daily as a reminder.

If you’ve followed along this last week, I would love to hear your experience in the comments section below!

Until Next Time,



Good Deed Sunday: 12/29/13

In my last post I mentioned to you about the new journal I am started at the New Year regarding completing “One Good Deed A Day”. I will be making a status update daily on my Facebook page (so don’t forget to click the link to your right to follow me on FB) with reflection about the deed from the day before and the deed I will be completing that day. On the blog I will be updating once a week instead. Every Sunday for the deeds for Sunday through Saturday in case any of you want to follow along. The journal can also be found at Barnes and Noble if anyone wants to grab one on their own and follow along or do it themselves.



Today will be the first post describing the deeds I will complete today. Although I would like to pick a deed everyday, to be successful at this, I know myself and I need to be a little more prepared for some of the deeds in the book to make sure I follow through. Not only that I wanted you to be able to follow along if you choose as well. I feel like some sense of excitement can be lost through this process or pre-picking, but I want to try and do a new good deed every day and this way will help me, at least for now. If later on I decide to just pick a random one each day I will start to update on here daily instead of weekly.

so DUN DUN DUN….. the deeds for the week:

Since the New Year starts on Wednesday I will only be listing Wed-Sat this week.








“Each one of these seemingly simple measures has the power to set off a chain reaction of kindness. Good deeds never go unnoticed. In fact, they tend to have a ripple effect. Your kind smile can compel someone to hold the door  for a stranger, motivating that stranger to reach out to an old friend, who decides to donate much needed funds to a charitable cause.”

I hope you start a long with me. It’ll be interesting how these will change our lives over the next year. Comment below if you are going to follow along with me. Would love to stay updated with you. And don’t forget to follow along daily through Facebook.







Cherish the Season

Good Afternoon,
I hope Everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. I feel like I’ve been slammed since October. The days seem to fly by after Halloween with all the holidays one after another.

I know holidays can be a very “testing” time of the year considering your family are the ones that can tend to test you the most, but hopefully everyone has been able to see the magic that can occur during this time of year as well. The laughter, the warmth, the giving and the gratitude.

If you haven’t noticed I have been M.I.A. for the last couple of weeks. And no that does not mean in Miami. I wish! Like said with the holidays and preparing for those I have also been working on my final for school which seems to be pretty time-consuming. I have school again next weekend so I will be working the rest of this week and next week making sure it’s completed in time. So please forgive me if I have a hard time posting during this next week and a half. I’ve felt busy out of my mind. But I will try my best not to let so much space happen again.

I do want to update you briefly on some things that have happened within the last month. First off, something I never shared with everyone was that:

I AM PREGNANT WITH BABY #2. 6 months to be exact. I was waiting for a good time t o share the news and then little by little it was getting overshadowed by other stuff I wanted to share. I recently had a gender reveal party Nov 30th and found out with some good friends and family that we are having another baby BOY!!! yay so exciting. My son is over the moon with joy for his new baby brother. I can’t wait to see their bond grow. I can’t believe I have held out on you guys for so long!

Next, last week I officially made my first vision board. That was very fun. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to it. I attempted one about 6 years ago and I cut pictures out to use and then never made the real board. Since then it’s just been something that I have procrastinated on. I attend these meetings once a month with some good friends where we get together and talk about Manifesting and our experiences as well as what we want to manifest for the future. This last meeting we decided to have a vision board party (something we had wanted to do before the meeting were ever in progress) so we all brought over boards, magazines, glue, scissors, and got to work. It was fun!!! It’s a good way to visualize and get ready for the New Year! Below is a picture of my vision board. I share it with you to further put it out into the universe.


The other awesome thing I have waited to start a cool journal I got back in April called “One Good Deed A Day”. It’s a journal filled with 365 good deeds to complete. I thought about starting it back in April when I got it but seemed like a good thing to start at the beginning of the new year. I got it from my favorite store, Handmade but have recently seen them in Barnes and Noble. So if you are interested in starting it with me, go grab one before the New Year. You can pick any deed you want to complete on any day and you write the date at the top and then you have a short space below to write your thoughts or notes about your deed that day. I have decided this is going to take some planning ahead of time to make sure I can complete the deeds every day so I going to try to plan my deeds weekly. I will share on here on Sundays if any  of you want to follow along.

Aside from everything above, I am currently in the Bay Area visiting my mother for the next week. Such a great time to have this time off from work so I can dedicate some more time to finishing up my final for school. I wanted to mention a random coincidence, or manifestation as I’d like to call it.

So I’ve felt a little stressed recently about my final. For part of the final we have to find quotes from the 4 books we had to read this last few months. We have to find a total of 10 quotes total from each book that are specific to some of the Themes/Principles/Skills we will be writing about. So 2 of the 4 books I ended up getting on a Kindle App on my phone because I couldn’t seem to find the books anywhere in the bookstore. It’s been a little difficult when it comes to reading because it’s on my phone which the small screen can make it a little more difficult. Searching back through the books has been even more difficult because I have to scroll through the pages pretty much one by one to search because in a physical book it’s a lot easier to flip through the pages.

One of the books I am having a problem with is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Well I was just talking to my friend the other day about how I was starting to get stressed because of this issue and really wondering how I am going to be able to find relatable quotes without it being too time consuming. This morning, something crazy happened. I awoke in my old room at my mom’s house and in front of me is this bookshelf. I was still lying down and happened to be staring at the book shelf. I see book, something was in front of it, so all I see is the number 7 on the spine. In my head I was thinking “No effin way”. I get up and pull the book out and its 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I go into my mom’s room and ask her about it and she doesn’t even remember she had it. She said she thinks she had to read it for work a long time ago. I was so amazed because now I have at least 3 of the 4 PHYSICAL books I need for my final and finding these quotes. Finding this book just made my life a tad more easy when it comes to completing this final.

Speaking of final, I need to start working on it now. Hope you enjoyed the updates. I will try not to leave you guys hanging for so long in between posts. Thanks for being patient with me 🙂 Talk to you soon!