Tracking Social Media

So I’m realizing how NOT easy it is to keep up with my blog after having a baby. I pictured myself having this time while the baby sleeps to keep updated and work on my blog, change layout, create awesome posts, but….NO. It hasn’t exactly been working like that. I obviously have forgotten what it’s like to have a small baby.

Ya know the saying is, “Sleep when they sleep”. Ya right! When he sleeps I have to decide if I’m going to shower, make something to eat, clean up, do a load of laundry, read my books for homework, do homework assignments, or brush my teeth. Oh yea, and most times I only have 30 minutes to do whichever task(s) I pick because this baby likes to cat nap yay! The last few days I have fallen asleep too though. Not by choice of course. My lack of sleep is just catching up with me. When I’m only getting 2 maybe 3 hour increments of sleep at a time, some days my eyes are so heavy I can’t help but to doze along with my little man. I’ll take it when I can I guess.

But I haven’t forgotten you, and I haven’t forgotten wanting to lessen my time using social media and my cellphone in general. I have not been able to track my usage the way I wanted to because it’s a little too tedious for my current situation but what I do know is that I use Social Media and my phone in general A LOT! There is a fine line sometimes between using the phone for something productive and using it to waste time. I tend to get ADD when I use my phone. It may start by checking an email and then 15 minutes later I’ve checked Facebook 3 times, posted a picture to Instagram, read two blog articles people posted, and three YouTube videos. I am constantly checking my Facebook and Instagram. And I mean constantly. And to notice the things going through my brain as I do it has been pretty interesting. The urges alone, when I am aware, can be very strong and sometimes when I know I should just put my phone down, I just HAVE to check my profiles. It’s hard to stay focused on just being useful.


What I originally wanted to do was track just how many times I open each application and as a small step I was going to lessen that number each few days or so until I eventually am checking them less and less. But to do it that way I need to know exactly how often I am checking. That means counting each time, and in reality, I check so much that I don’t have time to count. I am actually looking to see if I can find an application that tracks my usage for me. If you know of any, please let me know. It’d help me.

For now, I am going to continue to notice what things run through my head when I am using these various applications. I am going to be aware of my use when I am with my family or friends, my use in public places, and my use when it has nothing to do with anything but wasting time. Then maybe instead of cutting down number of times a day I am using, as a small step, I can even cut out specific time frame in which I do not use. (it sounds like I’m talking about drugs, I know, but seriously it almost kind of feels like that… I admit, it’s pretty sad). I’m not going to judge myself though. Change becomes a lot easier when we are compassionate with ourselves.

If anyone has any other ideas let me know to help me with this process, I would love to hear any suggestions.

How often do you use Social Media? Your cellphone? For what purposes? Leave a comment below.

As much as I want to check in with you in a few days, I’m not sure when I’ll be back… but IWILL try my hardest to check back in, in a few days. Just know I’m always thinking of you so come back often for updates.



May Cause Miracles: Week 3

How about some afternoon coffee today? Good Afternoon!!!

So as you can see, I spent a few extra days on week 3. I just finished yesterday, Day 21, which was reflection day.  I’m going to try to sum it all up in one post instead of the usual two. This week was all about  BODY IMAGE. The focus was trying to see your body as spiritual and not physical. You ever heard that phrase

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”?

That’s the jest of this chapter. To see our body as a vehicle in which we are able to express love. How can we use the body to express love.

mad3_character_large_332x363_chimpsImmediately one of the pictures I got in my head was when you see in a cartoon or something, little monkeys standing on top of each other under human clothing pretending to be a human.

We are a soul inside of a body and we are using this body as an outlet so the voice and actions of love can be heard, seen, and felt. Our purpose is not to compare ourselves to other spiritual beings yet that’s what we are CONSTANTLY doing.

It’s funny because as I check my Facebook lately I see tons of pictures and updates of people “getting ready” for summer. Some of whom  main focus is their body and how it’s going to look at the beach or at the pool. We view our body as being either more special or less special than someone elses.

Now I’m not against getting in shape, we all know I want to do so but this last week I also have become more aware of my reasoning for wanting it so badly. The focus in this chapter showed me that when we can see our body from a different perspective and recognize its true purpose, which is a way to express love, we will innately want to take care of it in the ways it needs. Eating good, stretching, drinking water, getting exercise, rest, etc. In return we will get the results we need but without the added pressure of just trying to look good. Even aside from that aspect, your thoughts alone have such a big impact on your body including addictions, illnesses, and energy levels to name a few.

On Day 15 I realized I have some very fearful projections of my body while answering some of the questions in the book.

*My ego’s fearful beliefs are that my body isn’t in shape enough. My skin isn’t clear enough. I’m not good enough.
*My energy is really low sometimes and I just want to sleep all day. I have a hard time getting out of bed.
*Other bodies are more special if they don;t have stretch marks or extra skin or saddle bags. People that are in shape are better to look at.
*I fill my loneliness with food, the computer/internet, “working” or doing stuff I “need” to do.
*sometimes I feel like having a good body is not something that is meant for me. I think I will never get the body I want.
*My ego has convinced me that my body is always two steps from being good enough in some way. My body is bigger than some but smaller than others. Sometimes I can see someone with a bigger body and still think it’s better than mine because they don’t have stretch marks on their stomachs or their legs may be smaller. It makes me feel like I’m in a lose/lose situation.

Those are some ways I have recognized my ego takes control over my thoughts about my body. The affirmation of the day was “My false perceptions of my body are an attack. Today I choose love instead of my ego’s perceptions”

The thing I love about this book is that it really gets you to pay attention to the fact that your fearful thoughts are not real. Day 16 was again the willingness to let go of your fearful thoughts with “I turn my perception of my body over to my inner guide. Show me what you got” and Day 17 focusing on knowing that I am not my body. I am free”.

Now let’s skip to Day 18. This day was good ‘ol Gratitude day. Letting go of seeing your body as separate and focusing on seeing it as just as special as all other bodies. “I am grateful for my body” was the affirmation of the day. I tried to remember to say this as often as needed. When you let this affirmation sink in, you will really start to take care of your body. Some examples the book listed was while you’re at the gym, say the affirmation and take the time to stretch a little more. While eating lunch, take the time to TASTE your food. Savor the flavors. Chew slowly. Can you see how stopping to actually pay attention to all the things your body can do, and be grateful, you will want to take care of it?


The evening exercise was to see how fear’s projections affects your perception of your body. I had to write some of my fearful projections of my body and then let my inner guide lead me with a mindful loving response. Ex:

Fearful thought: My stretch marks on my stomach are ugly. People will looked at them and be grossed out or talk about them (can you tell I have a huge insecurity will my stretch marks?)
Mindful Response: I recognize this as a fear and that I do not know what people think. I surrender to letting my inner guide take over.

Fearful Thought: I can’t stay on a healthy diet or lifestyle because I am lazy
Mindful Response:  My laziness is a product of my fearful thoughts. Once I am able to surrender that fear and I will be fueled and guided by love.

These were true answers given to me by my inner guide… What’s even more powerful that when writing my fearful thoughts down, I saw how SILLY and UNREAL they are. FEAR IS A BITCH!!!!

Day 19 again is the F word. Forgiveness! I had to write a letter to my inner guide exposing all my secret fearful thoughts and forgive myself for them and ask my inner guide to take over. By exposing the secrets I give them less power.  “Forgiveness restores my perception of my body back to love”. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd on to Day 20 which tied it all together for me!!! “I accept my body’s true function, I accept I am a messenger for love”. This was the affirmation of the day as well as the meditation focus of the evening. I meditated on this phrase and let my inner guide take over to write.

As I was meditating I saw myself standing on the edge of the spa at my house. We were having people over and I was in my bathing suit. Well since we have lived in our new place for the last 4 months, I have not been in our spa. Aside from the weather being cold, I have had opportunities but won’t do it with friends over because I am majorly insecure about my body and you guessed it, my stretch marks or extra skin (from having a baby). During this image I felt free. I radiated confidence and love for myself and through that my friends felt it.

Now the part that hit me is I DO strongly believe I am a messenger for love. Its obvious in my conversations, my blog, my advice etc. I DO feel my purpose is to spread love. This means that I have to BE love. I have to embody LOVE.

How can I be a messenger for Love if I don’t Love the body in which that message is being projected? I show through loving myself and my body what Love is. LOVE accepts all things as they are. I HAVE to accept all things as they are, including my body, until then, I am not accurately and fully expressing the message!

WOW what a revelation!!!

before i end this post, just want to say thank you for getting this far. I know it was a lot.

…and on to week 4… RELATIONSHIPS!!! wooo hoo 😉






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