Guest Blogger: Start From Zero

Hey Everyone,
I am excited to share with you our first story submission from an old high school friend. He is always writing amazing positive love stuff on his Facebook so I encouraged him to share some of that positivity with us. Hopefully this wont be the last time 😉

Photo taken by: Joe Mclaren

In this world of instant access and blatant excess, we have come to collectively develop feelings of entitlement towards the things we take for granted.  We feel entitled to food, to resource, to information, to comfort, to quality of life. It is difficult to feel grateful and connected to the vast blessing that is life, within this outlook. How can we overcome these woes and thrive in this day and age? It’s all about perspective.

I was born with a genetic disorder called Cystic Fibrosis. Throughout my life I have had frequent bouts of lung infections that would put me in the hospital continuously. It has been a constant struggle of feeling like I am getting stronger, only to get knocked down again laying on death’s doorstep, completely dependent on I.V. antibiotics. My lungs became so deteriorated that they were no longer working well enough for my body, and in July of 2011 I received a double lungs transplant. I am now experiencing good health for the first time in many years.

Although it was difficult at the time, I look back at this circumstance in my life as a huge blessing. The biggest blessings are the toughest lessons that we are forced to learn. This lesson for me came in the form of a disease and resulted in a close connection with my mortality. It was through this connection that I realized the true blessing that life is and the power of each and every moment.
To effectively comprehend the gift of life we must to start from zero. This life is not granted. Just to be aware and breathing is a complete miracle. We are entitled to nothing, not even life. And to not acknowledge this blessing is to miss the point of your life entirely.

Starting from zero is also a great tool when we are having trouble finding our truth, the right decision to make, or our passion in life. It allows you to take a step back and gain perspective. Ask yourself if you were just re-born now with no expectations, agreements, or responsibilities, what would your heart want. What is your natural inclination deep within your spirit. That feeling was put there to guide you.

I believe that to truly live, we must die first. Not physically, but through our egos. We build up so many layers of reality, personality, and entitlements that it is impossible for us to see outside these thick layers and, as Pink Floyd said, “break down the wall”. Our ideas of “who we are”, are simply limitations. Most realities are other people’s stories that we choose to accept as our own. In order to start creating new realities, we must start adopting new stories.

The answer to all of this is perspective. Gratitude for life. Being aware of our mortality, that it would all be gone any second. Staying present in love and away from fear. An Indubious, unbending belief in ourselves and our spiritual purpose. When we are living presently and in love, we are not mindless consumers forwarding a capitalistic dead-end, but powerful leaders guiding us all into a new age of unity.

By starting from zero we are acknowledging that we are entitled to nothing and putting ourselves last. And he who puts himself last is first in the eyes of the most high.

 Evan “Evton B” Burton is the singer and keyboardist for the band Indubious. Evan is joined by his brother, Spencer “Skip Wicked” Burton on the bass and vocals. They have a bond beyond their family and musical ties, they were both diagnosed with the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis at birth. Adding credibility and meaning to their message, they see this circumstance as a blessing in their lives which has led them to a deeper spiritual understanding and an ability to help many more people through their story. With their powerful and danceable form of Reggae/Rock music, the Burton Brothers embed positive lyrics meant to imbue an uplifting message  to society. You can listen to their music and read their blog at

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