Time Off

If you haven’t noticed, I did not post Good Deed Sunday, nor even  a late post yesterday. I have not been feeling too keen since Saturday and also been beyond busy. I have been feeling yucky in the stomach and just sort of nauseous. I thought this went out the window in the first trimester but feels like it’s back. Hopefully I am not getting sick.

I decided to take this week off for finding Good Deeds in the journal. This doesn’t mean I will not be mindful of random acts of kindness when and if the opportunities are available, I am just not going to commit to anything this week and take the pressure off from daily updates via Facebook.

I also do not know if it’s the pregnancy hormones or what, but for the last few days I have also just been feeling sort of down and somewhat defeated like I want to run away from everyone and everything but I have been reminded to surrender and let the spirit take care of all that I can not right now. SO I am being conscious of that.

I will update you on this last weeks deeds and how they went and communicate with you this Sunday (if not before) for the following deeds. The best part is, last week was RAOK week. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. But of course we try to make RAOK week a daily thing right?

wpid-20140209_183814.jpg2/9/14: BUY A NICE WATER BOTTLE so you will be less inclined to buy plastic bottles:
So I did not go out and buy a new water bottle although that was my intention. I did of course, clean off an existing water bottle that I love and will start to use that. For the most part, I do not buy bottled water often but I do drink water at work and use plastic cups so by bringing my own water bottle to work I can save on the plastic cups that I would be using.

On this day I was also able to fulfill an old deed from last week which was to leave a big tip. I went out to dinner with my son, to Chiles and I left the amazing waiter an 100% tip. That felt really good and I bet it made him smile.

This one was fun. Like I previously said, I dance around my house a lot usually acting silly, so this one just added to the fun ness. I had my fiancé in control of the music while my son and I danced around the room. We would freeze when he stopped the music and often just laugh at each other. It was a nice short getaway outside the routine of dinner, homework, bedtime.

2/11/14: MYSTERY DEED aka (I forget exact wording) BRING YOUR CO-WORKERS A SURPRISE during the time of day you know everyone needs a pick me up:
I was unable to complete this one. My plan was to go to Jamba Juice during lunch and bring everyone back a some smoothie. But was unable to make it to Jamba Juice this day. I will try to do this before my last day of work though in two weeks.

2/12/14: scroll through your phone and CALL THE PERSON YOU’VE KNOWN THE LONGEST:
I actually completed this one the previous day, on 2/11. I did not count family members of course, just friends, and I called my long time friend Jessica. We have been best friends since we were 7 years old. Going on 23 years to be exact. The awesome thing is, we hadn’t talked in a while so it was something I was excited to do so I could catch up with her. She did not answer when I called but I was able to talk to her this last Sunday night and I get to see her this weekend. She lives in Northern California and I haven’t seen her since last April. So I’m excited to catch up.

Usually I don’t have much time to bake during the week, rarely at all in general, but I made time this week just for that. I made some valentine cupcakes with my son. He got to do all the stirring and of course the best part of licking the spoon clean afterwards. That of course is always a favorite childhood memory. I made a short video but am unable to download it here. But the cupcakes came out wonderful.

2/14/14: BUY A BUNCH OF FLOWERS on your way to work. Give each one to a colleague you appreciate:
I actually completed this one on Thursday morning because most of my co-workers have Fridays off. I stopped at the grocery store that morning and bought a small bouquet of 6 orange roses and gave one to each of my co-workers including myself. It was a nice surprise and perfect way to kick off Valentine’s day.

If you remember from Friday’s post though, I was able to leave a few love notes on strangers cars. Hopefully they took the time to read them 🙂

2/15/14: Clean out your sweater drawer and TAKE EXTRAS TO CHARITY:
Saturday turned out to be a beyond busy day for me so I was unable to complete this deed BUT being that I am in nesting mode, I will make sure to do this one before the baby comes.

If you complete any deeds this last week, whether from my list or just your own, I would love to hear about them in honor of RAOK week.

Besides that, I had a maternity photo shoot this last Sunday and I have two baby showers coming up this weekend so I feel very excited about those. Only 6 weeks left and I’ll be a new mommy of two. Exciting and Scary all at once as I have no idea what to expect but of course you will be updated.

I will be resting this week and I hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a wonderful week!!!



Good Deed Sunday 2/9/14

Here we go, another week ending while another week begins…


Last weeks Deeds:

On this day a new girl started at my job and I am in charge of training her as she is going to be taking over my position when I go on maternity leave. This was a great day for this deed because there were many opportunities to give credit. I’m sure it made her feel good about what she was learning

2/4/14: START A BIRTHDAY CALENDAR to help you remember to send cards:
This day was one of my good friends Birthday’s and a great reminder to mark off my other friends and family members birthdays on the calendar on my phone. I set reminders to remind me 3 days a head of time so I can get cards to send in the mail so they can reach the people on time. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and I’ve definitely been more mindful over the last year or two, but I’m glad i took the time to set them all up in my calendar with the reminders. I think it’s fun to get little surprises and cards in the mail to balance out the bills we dislike getting.

2/5/14: SMILE WHEN YOU TALK ON THE PHONE, it makes your voice friendly:
I forgot to do this one this day. It would be a good one to practice at work too since I answer the phone a lot. I get so caught up in the hustle of the day that I can sometimes sounds very rushed when answering the phone. I’m sure it would be very helpful and make a difference as well.

2/6/14: bless your interruptions as an opportunity to TAKE A DEEP BREATHE AND SMILE:
This day was pretty interesting. Usually before the day begins, I re-read what the deed of the day is, I post it on my Facebook, and then that also helps remind me so I can make sure I accomplish it for that day. Well on this day, I forgot to look to see what the deed was. Well the Universe thought it would be a fun day to play with me, so there were definitely some interruptions in the day that were a bit unusual. The first one I noticed was when I tried to print some things from the printer, the printer froze. I was in a very bug hurry to get some stuff printed and done for my boss as she was waiting, and OF COURSE the printer was taking FOREVER to print out what I needed. Because I had not known of my deed this day, I had become very frustrated and irritated with the printer. (poor printer). I ended up printing it on a different printer, which I had not previously thought about because the frustration and annoyance had blocked ways for other ideas to enter, and was on my merry way. Well THEN later, when it was time to make sure all the mail was stamped and ready to take down to the mailbox before the mail carrier came, the stamp machine got stuck. I was literally thinking “this is unbelievable, what is going on today?”. I remember this particular deed but wasn’t sure what day it was for, so I took a minute, pulled up the blog and YUP there it was….this was the deed I was to be practicing. SO i took a deep breath and definitely smiled because I just felt it was no coincidence that these things were happening. This is where Serenity came into play. There are always two ways to look at obstacles. As blessings or issues, this deed gave me the chance to see the blessings. The printer decided to act up some the rest of the day and I just took it as an opportunity to take a deep breath and smile.

SO what had happened was…. wait for it…. i uh, kinda forgot what deed I picked for the day! haha. Lets blame it on the pregnancy brain k? haha I know I picked something special because it was my dad’s birthday, but for the life of me, I could not remember. So, sorry dad! I was out of the house all day and night and didn’t have my journal so I couldn’t even try to refresh my memory. I think from now on, I’ll mark which deeds are mystery deeds so I can remember.

2/8/14: LEAVE A BIG TIP:
Yesterday I was destined to go out to eat specifically so I could carry out this deed but I didn’t exactly make it out the house except to go to Target. So, in the sense that I wanted, I wasn’t able to accomplish this deed BUT a dog groomer did come to my house earlier in the day to give the dogs a bath and I did leave him a slightly bigger tip then was recommended, but not big enough so I will not count that one. If I were thinking of my deed this moment, I would have made an effort to give him a bigger one, but I was not being very mindful in the moment. DARN!!!

And on to this weeks deeds!!!

2/9/14: BUY A NICE WATER BOTTLE so you’ll be less inclined to buy plastic bottles


2/11/14: **MYSTERY DEED**

2/12/14: scroll through your phone and CALL THE PERSON YOU’VE KNOWN THE LONGEST.


2/14/14: BUY A BUNCH OF FLOWERS on your way to work. Give each one to a colleague you appreciate

2/15/14: Clean out your sweater drawer and TAKE EXTRAS TO A CHARITY

have fun this week and let me know how it goes!!!



Good Deed 1/12/14 Continued…

So yesterday I didn’t get the chance to write the good deeds for the week so here ya go:

1/13/14: start a list of books you’d like to READ FOR FUN

1/14/14: EAT YOUR NEXT MEAL IN SILENCE (away from a computer)

1/15/14: STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION with the person at the cash register


1/17/14: SEND A FRIEND A THANK YOU NOTE for being a good friend



have fun this week and let me know how it goes!




Good Deed Sunday: 1/12/14

Sorry I’m a little late on updating my Good Deeds from this last week. I won’t be posting this weeks Good Deeds today because I’ve been unable to pick them all today because I don’t have my deed journal with me. I did make sure I looked up one for today, just not for the rest of the week. I will make sure those are posted in the morning.

As for last week:

image1/5/14: BE KIND TO YOURSELF:
I had school all day this day and during my lunch hour I decided to spend some time with myself. I went to the park by the beach with my lunch and a small book my mom gave me. I took some pictures, ate some lunch, read some of the book, and took a short nap. This was my way of being kind to myself… Just spending some time alone being peaceful, even if only two hours. I could have went o lunch with some people with class, as everyone else usually does, but this day was a perfect day to just relax.

1/6/14: FORGIVE SOMEONE for a minor resentment that’s been bothering you:
For this one I didn’t know if it was something I should just let go of without saying anything or if I should bring it up to the person who I was holding the resentment for. There wasn’t really ever any argument involved, it was just something that had bothered me for a few days. I decided to forgive a friend for something that had bothered me from the previous week but also let her know that I was letting it go and didn’t want to hold a resentment. We had a small conversation about it and moved on so I’m glad I actually did bring it up because I think it allowed me to let it go fully.

On this day I went to Target during my lunch and got 5 pictures printed from my cell phone to send to my grandma Olga. I choose her to send pictures to because sadly I do not get to see her often or talk to her often. For the last couple of times I have seen her, we have taken pictures and she’s asked for me to send them to her and I would always forget to get the printed or even take them off my camera. So this deed was perfect because I was actually able to send her a few pictures from when I recently saw her right after Christmas time.

1/8/14: HOLD THE ELEVATOR DOOR OPEN even if it will delay you:
This one happened without me consciously thinking about it at the time. I usually do this for people in my building all the time so it was something that just happened normally on this day. It wasn’t until after the woman told me “Thank you” that I actually remembered that it was my deed for this day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, so I spent all day treating myself and being treated by others. It was honestly a really good day for me. At first I was a tad upset because I really enjoy celebrating my birthday and I always wanted to do something big for my 30th. This year I am pregnant so that limited my options by a lot as far as really celebrating it the way I had originally planned. By the end of the day I was actually grateful that it was more low-key because I was really able to appreciate it more and experience it all more present then I probably would have been if I were not pregnant. My last blog post explains how this day went. You can read here.

1/10/14: walk around your block and PICK UP TRASH:
Sadly I did not do this deed this day. I didn’t realize how busy I was going to be. I spent the entire day running errands, going to the doctor, driving around from place to place that this one totally slipped my mind. I will make this one up on another day with another deed.

Last week I for some reason didn’t post a deed for Sunday so I looked one up yesterday and posted it on my Facebook page. This is the one I choose which was perfect for this day. I do photography every once in a while as a side job, so yesterday I shot a wedding for a friend’s family member. When I got to the location I told my friend she looked beautiful in her bridesmaids dress. I also of course told the Bride how beautiful she looked, and another friend that was there.

1/12/14: BE MINDFUL of saying “Please”, “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” throughout the day

will be back tomorrow with the deeds for the rest of the week. As normal, if you have decided to follow along, I would love to hear your experience in the comments below.



Good Deed Sunday: 1/5/14

So my first week of Good Deeds is complete. Although for the most part they were really simple, I looked forward to being able to complete them. Here’s some details for how it went.

1/1/14 Smile at a stranger:
As easy as this deed sounds it was an interesting one for me. I know many times I can walk around with somewhat of a serious face. I have been told by strangers before to “Smile, you look so serious”. So I wanted to make the effort to intentionally smile at a stranger, not because they were helping or communicating with me in any way but just because they were in my presence, whether just walking by or standing there. So on the way back from the Bay Area to LA we stopped at a Gas Station of course and I made a conscious effort to give a BIG smile to a stranger walking by. Simple but nice!

1/2/14 Become an Organ Donor:
This one was actually perfect because I had just renewed my license on 12/27/13 and had filled out the paperwork to be a donor. I have been a donor since my first license at 17. Although this deed was done a few days earlier, it definitely still counts.

20140104_1529551/3/14: Put Change in An Expired Meter:
I actually completed this deed on 1/4/14. I thought it was perfect for 1/3 because I was heading to Santa Monica , where they have tons of meters, for school and thought it would be simple to come across a meter that expired. What I didn’t know was, most of the meters turned off at 6pm, at least the ones near my school, so by the time I got down there around 615pm it was already too late.

So yesterday on 1/4, during my lunch break, I was meeting my fiance and son and some friends on the pier. I brought a bunch of quarters with me and as I walked from my car to the pier I scoped out the meters and found TWO meters that were expired and put a dollar’s worth of change into each. My original intention was to leave a loving note but figured I needed no acknowledgement, just a silent act of kindness.

1/4/14: Talk  About What You’re Grateful For:
Since I was unable to complete Friday’s deed on Friday I switched days with this one. I completed this deed on 1/3/14. When I completed this deed it was actually happening naturally throughout the day. When I was getting ready in the morning I had acknowledged a friend, publicly and thought a text, for a new calendar she had given me recently that I am very grateful for. I had also publicly talked about how much I loved my school and was looking forward to attending Friday night. Strangely I found myself in two separate conversations about Nutri-bullet as well and how grateful I was and how much I love mine (and randomly two more conversations on Saturday about it as well). This one is always a good one.

I have picked the deeds for the upcoming week. Again, I invite you to follow along with me on this new journey when you can.


1/6/14: FORGIVE SOMEONE for a minor resentment that’s been bothering you


1/8/14: HOLD THE ELEVATOR DOOR OPEN even if it will delay you

1/9/14 aka  My Birthday: TREAT YOURSELF

1/10/14: walk around your block & PICK UP TRASH

Loving the deeds this week. Hope you choose to follow along. Don’t forget to follow me on FB too where I will be posting the Deeds daily as a reminder.

If you’ve followed along this last week, I would love to hear your experience in the comments section below!

Until Next Time,