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So this video has circulated on Facebook about the reality of Social Media. As good of an idea as social media sites are for keeping in touch with friends and family and rekindling long-lost friends, growing a business, as connected as we think we feel and think we have become, we have actually totally disconnected to the world. The physical world has become of space in which we breathe and the internet has become the space in which we live. The friends we spend so much time “keeping in touch” with on Facebook, we ignore when sitting face to face at lunch with them. The beautiful scenery we spend so much time posting online, we ignore once that picture is taken. The friend that appears to have the beautiful family and marriage is about to get a divorce because her and her husband don’t talk.  The paradox is real. FOMO is real. We have become a society that has a huge FEAR OF MISSING OUT yet all we are really doing is MISSING OUT! Missing out on the things that a computer, a smartphone, and an iPad can’t give us. A pure genuine solid REAL connection with the world in which we live.

Watch this amazing truth filled video that was written, performed, and produced by Gary Turk



According to Daily Mail, the average person checks their phone 110 times a day! In the evening hours people check their phones about 9 times an hour but it can be as often as every 6 seconds. Marketing Pilgram goes to say that people check their Facebook pages an average of 14 times a day, only using it for 2.2 minutes at a time before switching over to something else. The only thing people do more than check Facebook on their phones is Text messaging. 50% of people who use Facebook do so the most while they are running errands, shopping, cooking, or working out and even while at the movies.

After watching this video, I did a lot of thinking about my relationship with Social Media. My guilty pleasures are mainly Facebook and Instagram along with, not millions but BILLIONS of other people. A while back I wrote a post about my addiction to technology and wanting to spend less time on that and more time being present, especially with my children and my family. I feel like I’ve felt the pressure to quit it all more and more but i’m not gonna lie, it’s very hard. The reality is, so much of our livelihood does depend on being online.

I have my blog that I want to grow into more that will eventually support and work with my future coaching business. I am a freelance photographer as a side job. All of which relies with being online. Both my blog and my photography pages have Facebook pages that are directly attached to my personal page. I have thought about deleting Facebook bc i do get stuck checking it over and over and over but then i think about how it does help me, how it is good…. so i think when it comes down to it, it’s about figuring out a healthy balance. Balancing using it for work purpose and family purpose without getting sucked into wasting valuable time and actually LIVING my life. But how does one with an addiction find a balance… i wish it were as easy as just cutting back, but it’s not that easy. I’ve had Facebook since 2005 and sad to say, but especially over the last few years, it’s become very integrated in my day to day. It’s oh so easy to get caught up checking and liking and posting and sharing.

Not just with Facebook but with social media and technology in general. This is something I have been getting called to do since my first son was 6 months old. Even more loudly over the last year or so. TO BE MORE PRESENT! To revamp my priorities. I think this video has been a perfect segway into really starting and focusing on making that a reality.

I’m very well aware that I am not one that can just make changes cold turkey like some people. You may have even been able to tell according to other posts I’ve written about having to follow through with certain things. I have come to terms with that and unfortunately it’s taken a toll on my confidence and self trust. SO I will be taking a different approach with this to be more successful. This involves taking small steps at a time to build confidence and self-trust AND eventually meet the balance that feels best for me. I also think there are lots of psychological issues that need to be healed that lead to the overuse and addiction in the first place so I will be exploring those as well. For me the first step is figuring out just how much I use and am not present during times I want or need to be. So FIRST I will simply just record my time over the next few days and see what we come up with as far as how much I check my phone including specifics like Facebook and Instagram.

Also I want to share one of my favorite blogs regarding this subject, the one that REALLY got me thinking a few years ago about starting this process. The blog is called Hands Free Momma and the author is an AMAZING writer and will get you to think and really feel the necessity to become more present in your life and to what’s important to you. Enjoy her!

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Are you addicted to social media or technology in general? How do you feel when you see everyone on their phones all the time? Are you ready to make a change in your life? If so, leave a comment below, i would love to hear your thoughts and maybe we can begin this journey together.

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HERE’S TO BECOMING MORE PRESENT! and it starts with some acknowledgement of the problem.