Intuition is not really a thought or a running dialogue, it is a quiet sense of things. The chatter of thoughts that run through our heads feels very different from intuition. The stream of thoughts is driven by habit and conditioning and is usually tinged with emotions. Intuition is not emotional nor is it derived from old conditioning or fear, it has a simple purity to it that is almost impersonal.

~ Deepak Chopra

Tiny Buddha: 7 Steps To Hear Your Own Inner Wisdom

I have been talking to a close friend of mine a lot over the last couple of weeks and this spiritual self-growth path is something she’s become more interested in over the last couple of months. A question she asked me recently was “How can I learn to listen to my inner self?”. I was thinking “GOOD QUESTION” because after 5 years of reading books, seminars, blogs, etc it’s been something I have been focusing on more then I have before. Especially since I have been reading “May Cause Miracles”.

Listening to your Inner Self is, I think, one of the most important things you can learn to do on The Path to reach your highest potential. YOU have all the answers you need right there in that heart of yours. We often seek advice from others be it friends, family, teachers, counselors etc and we want THEM to give us answers and tell us what to do. Why? Because we don’t take the risk or responsibility for the outcome. Some of us become so used to ignoring that little whispers of our hearts that we just don’t think it even exists. But it does and I found this awesome article on Tiny Buddha that explains ways you can start to HEAR it better.


7 Steps To Hear Your Own Inner Wisdom  By: Lindsey Lewis

“I don’t know what to do.” “I can’t figure it out.” “How do I know which choice to make?” “Which one is right for me?”

Sound like someone you know? Here’s one thing I know for sure: You’ve got the power. You’ve got the love.

You’ve got the innate talent—you gorgeous, loveable soul—to know without a doubt what is right for you. You’ve got the power to know what to do, to figure it out, to know which choice to make. Your soul is calling. And all you need to do is listen.

At one time not so long ago my innate talent was ignoring my soul. I had developed an acute ability for lasering ahead no matter what my essential self was saying—even when it was “Wrong way!”

I set goals and made plans and went for it no matter what—and soon I was a stressed-out, exhausted insomniac. So that was fun.

In fact, fun was exactly what was missing from my life. I put external touchstones ahead of inner happiness. I let my ego tell me what to do, based on what I thought the standards for success were.

I bought into the mantra: Work, work, work and then work more. You can enjoy your life when you’re retired. It was no wonder my entire system went into revolt; it’s no wonder our systems do that. They’re designed to tell us when we’re off track.

They’re designed to tell us when we’re on track, too. It’s like magic—except scientifically-proven. The verbal part of our brain processes about forty bits of information per second. That’s pretty impressive.

The non-verbal part of our brain processes about eight to eleven million bits of information per second. Eight to eleven million!

That means that the thoughts we hear from the verbal part of our brain actually know less than the physical sensations and emotions that we feel coming from the non-verbal part of our brain.

So if “I don’t want to make this one choice but everyone tells me I should” seems logical, but every physical sensation or emotion about it just feels so wrong, it probably is. Wrong, that is.

Wondering how to tap into your own innate talent for knowing how to live the life that’s right for you and be who you want to be? Start small.

1. Start small.

Begin with simply noticing physical sensations. Check in with your body from time to time. What physical sensations are you noticing right now?

2. Fine tune.

Once you start to check in with your body, you’ll probably also notice emotions, and associations with whether or not the emotions you’re feeling are good or bad. It’s normal—but in this case it’s not all that helpful. Keep on fine-tuning your radar until you’re paying attention to only physical sensations.

3. Benchmark your “yes.”

Make a list of times that you knew things were right for you, or felt that things were exactly as they were meant to be, really great, going well, etc. Then do a body scan: What physical sensations do you feel? Write ‘em down and then label them.

4. Benchmark your “no.”

Make a list of times that you knew things were not right for you, or felt that things were not as they were meant to be, not going great or well, etc. Then do a body scan: What physical sensations do you feel? Write ‘em down and then label them.

5. Practice.

You’ve just created your body compass. Using it is fun. Orange or apple? Imagine making each choice and then see what physical sensations come up—closer to “yes” or closer to “no”?

6. Trust.

The verbal part of your brain might come up with all sorts of reasons why you shouldn’t trust your body compass. Practicing on the little things helps to build up enough trust to use it on the big decisions.

7. Live it in the moment.

Once you’ve got your compass down pat, keep on using it. Living it in the moment is about remembering your innate talent for knowing, and using it with reckless abandon and firm intention.

What’s your inner wisdom telling you?


Take some time to really think about these steps and start practicing them in your daily life and decisions. Like the article said, START SMALL. I hope this helps!



Day 34: Hummingbird & Rose

Ok so on my last post I kinda teased you guys saying that something cool happened to me on Day 34 of my “May Cause Miracles” journey. “I welcome in infinite possibilities. I will receive”. Well today is your lucky day and you finally get to hear the cool story. Manifesting once again. It was awesome!! Strange enough the story has to do with INFINITY!

DSC01714So, as some of you know, I had recently picked two winners in a give-away I did to celebrate new and old subscribers on my one year anniversary. I had already planned on getting the winners gifts from one of my favorite stores, Handmade Gallery. Well after I found out who the winners were, I contacted them to see what kind of stuff they liked so I could have more of an idea of what to get them, because if you have been to the store before you probably know how hard it could be to pick out something because EVERYTHING is so amazing and unique. I could spend a good couple of hours just checking every little item out.

About 2 weeks ago I decided to go to Handmade after one of my meetings across the street. I had gotten an email from my “old” follower letting me know she had visited the site and telling me which items she was interested in. I hadn’t gotten a chance to look at the website at the actual items she liked but at this point, now knowing that they were both female, I knew I could still probably get them something they would like no matter what their style was.

Well as I was looking around, it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. There were just too many options. The store was closing, I didn’t get to look long, and I certainly didn’t want to just grab just anything so I decided to come back the following week to look again. This time I was going to take the time to check out the website to see what my “old” customer was actually into. I looked the items up and decided to see what I could find in the store.

This last Tuesday after my meeting, I went over to the store and started to search for the items she liked. I was checking out one of the jewelry cases that caught my eye and as I glanced at the tag it actually happened to be by one of the artist she said she liked, Hummingbird & Rose. I loved everything in this case but I was searching for a particular Infinity necklace she said she liked. I couldn’t find it so then thought maybe I was confused and it was made by someone else so went searching around the store for it. While I was searching for this necklace I had picked up two other items for her, a “One Good Deed A Day” journal (which  I will get into in another post) and cool little print. Both were very inexpensive so I still had room to get her one more item, preferably the necklace she wanted, granted it be in the price range.

Searching, searching, searching, I couldn’t find it so I just decided I would get something else. Well I had no luck with that either because I didn’t want to get just anything so finally I went up to the woman at the cashier and asked her for her opinion. I told her I had a blog and was looking for something to give a winner of a contest. She says ” “I actually had wanted to give away a piece to someone or for a blog…”. I told her the amount and that I wanted something unique. She then proceeds to take me over the Hummingbird & Rose case near the counter and says that she is the maker of that jewelry. She says she will give me a piece for free. I ask her, to make sure, if it was her brand that has the Infinity necklace, she says yes but it was sold the day before. I tell her about how that is the necklace that my blog winner wanted and she tells me she can have one for me in a few days.


I told her I didn’t want the necklace for free because I wanted to support her work so she decided to give it to me for half off. We both were so amused by what had just happened. She had said I must have been put in her path for a reason because she had been wanting to give a necklace away, and I just couldn’t believe that she was the maker of the necklace I was searching for. I ALMOST didn’t even ask her for her opinion but my intuition just told me to ask. I seriously spent all night flipping out about what had happened.

I picked up the necklace yesterday and will be sending the gifts to the winner this week. She was even so VERY  kind to add in an extra necklace for me as a gift. SOOOOO nice!!! Everyone please check out Anna’s jewelry line, Hummingbird & Rose. Aside from the lovely name, the jewelry is delicately beautiful. She has an Etsy page where you can view and buy your favorite items, including the Infinity necklace. Please click the picture below (and the links above) for her information feel free to let her know My Mornin’ Coffee sent ya.


I’m so excited for my winner to receive her gift in the mail shortly. She lives in England and since Handmade will be closing down soon (which I just found out right after I had picked the winners; another meant to be) she will never get the chance to come check out the store herself so I am very glad I get to share some of the amazingness that store has to offer.

If you live in the LA area, please go visit Handmade before they close for good on April 30th. Everything in the store is on Sale so you will probably want to buy everything. Support our local artists!