May Cause Miracles: Week 1 Part 2

So it’s Tuesday and I’m starting Day 8. Yay, I made it through week 1. Usually Day 8 would have started yesterday but I was so out of it I could barely concentrate all day. I got home from Bali and was still trying to catch up time wise. I want to be able to put my energy into becoming aware and causing miracles so I gave myself a break.

Summary of the end of last week. I loved it. I love this book. Crazy enough I loved witnessing my fears. To me the opposite to Love is Fear so if I want to start living out of Love, I first have to learn how to get Fear to move its big booty over. I can not do that if I don’t take the time to recognize how fear is working in my life and I think the subtle steps in week 1 did a great job at helping do that.


Day 4 was particularly my favorite because it was about Gratitude. “Gratitude is my only attitude for today“. Being grateful for the experiences I go through, the things around me, what I have, and even my fears have freed a whirlwind of paralyzing emotions. As human, we often tend to place focus on our lack of, which can cause fear and anxiety. When we shift and start to focus on what we have and become grateful for that, we let go of the fear and anxiety and welcome the abundances of the universe.

Day 4 Gratitude List:
1. Being able to experience this book
2. Waking up in magical Bali
3. The sounds of nature as I wake up in the morning
4. The black butterflies I keep seeing everywhere
5. My thoughtful fiance
6. Skype and being able to talk and see my son while I’m away
7. Being able to take a vacation
8. My blog – readers and followers
9. The pictures I have taken of this beautiful city
10. The opportunity to create peace through meditation.

and the list could go on an on. On Tuesday and Wednesday we actually were in a seminar about the Law of Attraction and each day we had to fill out a gratitude sheet with 50 things we are grateful for. It was amusing how on the second day things started coming to mind more quickly and any and everything was on the lists. That’s the glory of it. The more often you practice being grateful, the easier it gets and the more you become grateful for. You then move through the day LOVING your life.

The part of Day 4 that made me really enjoy it was figuring out how to be grateful for my fears. I had to go back to Day 1 and read some of my fears and write ways in which I am grateful for them.

“I fear that I’m not there enough or won’t be there for my son”
– I am grateful for this fear because it has made me more attentive to the NOW. I have become aware of the time I have and how  I will choose to spend time with my son, love him, play with him, laugh with him.

I fear that I won’t live the life that I dream”
– I am grateful for this fear because I know that if I want to live the life I dream I have to start taking the steps towards that life. I will start to focus more on my goals and acting appropriately in able to get closer.

Our fears can guide us towards being a victim or can guide us through seeking opportunity. Through opportunity we can GROW and LEARN.

Day 5 was all about the F-word…. FORGIVE. This is a day I know I will be continuously working on. If you do not know any better, it can be really hard to forgive. It is vital for our well-being though. It means you are choosing to move forward in your life. When you hold onto things it keeps you bound to that moment and can block all kinds of love from entering your heart. Most people think that forgiving means that they are excusing a behavior, but in fact it just means you have found your peace with it and won’t allow it to continue to lead your life. The most important person to forgive is yourself. “I forgive myself for choosing fear. Today I will choose love instead”.

Its time to let myself off the hook. It ‘s time to realize that before I didn’t know any better but to allow fear rule my world. Now I am learning and it’s OK. All the choices of my past. It’s OK. Such a relief to know ITS OK. The evening exercise for this day was to replace my fearful thoughts with the knowledge that fear does me no good.


On Day 6 the affirmation of the day was “I believe in Miracles”. This day is about using the experiences I’ve had throughout the week into actively witnessing miracles take place. A miracle is a moment in which you choose love over fear. After working 5 days witnessing my fears and opening up to loving ideas, it’s time to notice how it can work for me. I can say that I have definitely witnessed some miracles on the way. On this day particular, one I remember is when we went to the Bali Zoo and decided to do a treetop adventure. I am afraid of heights but for some reason I wanted to experience this adventure. It had to do with all kinds of obstacles that were very high up in the trees. Zip lining, climbing up and down ropes, walking on crazy brides, on tightrope etc. Lets just say fear jumped all over this opportunity. I found myself very scared in many situations throughout this adventure but also found myself choosing love instead. THAT’S A MIRACLE! I chose to push my fears aside (I’ll admit sometimes I had to be pushed off the ledge….literally), breath, and welcome in a loving thought. The best past was that it seemed automatic. Miracles DO happen!

The week ended with Day 7 allowing me to reflect on the weeks work. It’s awesome to have a day where I can just reflect on what has happened to me and the shifts that have taken place. I even took an extra day to do so.

I am so excited for week 2 to begin. SELF LOVE week. A week I truly truly need.

catch up with you soon.