And The Winners Are….


I would like to announce that TWO winners have been picked for My Mornin’ Coffee’s first exciting Anniversary Give-Away. As promised, one existing follower and one new follower.

As of last week I had 71 existing blog  subscribers, some loyal since my very first blog post. As of today I have 87 new blog subscribers, which means 16 new people have subscribed to my blog in the last week. 

 The winners were chosen by complete random via an online random number generator. #25 for existing and #11 for new followers. Winner #25 will be receiving goods worth up to $50 in value from the Handmade Gallery in Sherman Oaks while the Winner #11 will be winning goods worth up to $25 from the Handmade Gallery as well.



Mel has her own personal blog, listed above, geared towards her own personal achievements.

“It contains lists, tips, timelines, goals and a sum of who I am and what I would like to be.”

Mel has no idea she is a winner yet but I’m sure she will now once she receives my pingback to her blog.

Just want to say THANK YOU Mel for being a follower of my blog for the past 8 months and some odd weeks. I appreciate it and you are doing a nice job on your blog. Keep up the good insight.

Everyone check out Melrourke’s blog and send her a congrats!!!


Tracy Lee (tracylee3737)!/clairvoyanttracylee

Tracy is actually a friend of mine. We met almost 4 years ago in a mommy group. Recently Tracy discovered she was clairvoyant which means she

” I can see and hear spirit guides, guardian angels, and other assorted fun stuff.”

Tracy and I have a lot of similar views about life and I’ve told Tracy in the past I would be interested if she guest blogged for me sometime. Maybe now she will reward us with her awesome insights. 😉 Thanks Tracy for following and I hope you enjoy MY MORNIN’ COFFEE

in a few days I will share with all what I decided to get these lovely ladies. Stay Tuned!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Two Milestones, A Reveal, & a GIVE-AWAY

“Happy Anniversary to me, Happy Anniversary to me, Happy Anniversary My Mornin’ Coffee, Happy Anniversary to me”

GREAT MORNIN my fellow coffee readers!!! I can’t believe one year ago today I decided to go for it! Something I envisioned  for months and months but never had the courage to JUST DO  IT! And it all started with the season finale of The Bachelor.

The reason I hadn’t been posting anything the last few days, even though on certain occasions I wanted to very badly, was because today is also very special for another reason….

IT’S MY 100th POST!!!!  yayyy. I can’t believe I’ve posted for this long and that much.

I’m so excited to make it to both of these milestones. I was worried I wasn’t good enough to do this. I don’t consider myself a writer so it was very hard to really put myself and my words out into the public. But there was something inside of me that said, “just keep going”!

I had to do some work with letting myself off the hook though. When I started I was trying to post often, my goal was to post every day, so I was just finding articles, quotes, anything that would work so I could some way spark the interest of people. I liked the stuff I posted and stand behind it, but I found myself often in a rush or hurry just to have a post and it didn’t seem organic. I also found that I wasn’t spending as much time writing myself versus posting other people’s stuff. So I had to let myself off the hook and make it ok to not have a post every day or every other day. To not compare my blog with others that had a lot of followers or that posted often. To give my blog the chance to grow naturally and on its own schedule and if that meant I could only post twice a week then that’s what happened, but at least then I was taking my time and giving more heart to what was being put out there.

And ONE YEAR and 100 POSTS LATER I have 7,801 views (more after you see this), 71 blog followers, and 121 Facebook followers.

71 blog followers may not be a lot to some people but I appreciate and want to thank each and every one of you.

I started with being anonymous, I didn’t hound my friends to follow me, some still don’t even know I have a blog or know that this is MY blog. I wanted to see how my blog would naturally progress on its own without people following it just because they were my friend. Almost ALL of you I don’t even know, which means you found me on your own… You all decided to press Follow or Sign up with your email because you actually liked my content. Which means that I must be doing something right!!!

I thank all you that support me, that like what I do, that are interested in reading more. I really do appreciate you!!!

This has been a commitment, and although you may not realize it, you are all helping me grow.

I’ll admit some part of why I wasn’t really promoting my blog, especially as my own, was out of fear. I didn’t want to bug people and I didn’t want people to know a more personal side of myself. Which I know to an extent I have still been hiding. I didn’t put myself out there as much as I could have because, of course like most, I have a fear of rejection. But this next year I am vowing to change that thinking and I am going to do more to really step outside of my comfort zone and put myself out there and if someone can’t handle that…. oh well I guess right?

First things first: My name is Ashley Navarro and I am The Barista!


yes oh yes you finally get a face to the blog!!

Another thing is, I’m not going to be ashamed of self promotion!!! It’s mine, I am proud of it and I own it. I have become more clear of the direction I want to take and vision I see for this and frankly….this shit needs to be out there!

My Mornin Coffee will undergo a few changes over the next few months, it might change a few times, so bear with me and I promise I’ll let myself off the hook too!!!

Now to the fun part….

A GIVE-AWAY. I want to do something to thank all those loyal and new. I will be giving away two prizes. One to a loyal follower that has followed me any time before this post (so  if you just began yesterday you are in luck) and one to a new follower that starts following me any time from this point forward. I’m not sure exactly what I want to give-away just yet but it will be something unique and special and at least $50 in value for a loyal follower and something a little smaller yet still special for a new follower . 

If you are a past follower all I want you to do is simply leaving me a comment on this post letting me know you even read My Mornin Coffee. I wanna make sure you’re still alive. If you are a new follower, I will see you but still would love to know your favorite post in the comment section below… and if don’t know how to follow me check out the TOP RIGHT COLUMN and simply put in your email address and press submit OR I think there is a little thing floating on the bottom right that says FOLLOW! (although I may be wrong)….

A week from now I will randomly pick TWO winners… someone new and someone old to show my appreciation!!!

And if you have ANY cool suggestions on what you would want as a prize, let me know and it will be considered. After all the winner could be you and it’d be cool to get you something you want!!!

THANKS again readers. I love you and peace to all