A Person Of Intention

A couple of years ago I started reading the “Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I got maybe a little less than half way through and then never really finished it…yea yea I already admitted how bad I am at that. Well I have been very interested in finishing so I actually decided to start it all over from the beginning again. My brain can be mush sometimes, so although I remember a lot of it, its nice to be refreshed.

In the beginning of the book he actually suggest the reader read the last chapter first to get an idea of how the book can effect you if you apply the ideas. The last chapter is called “A Portrait of a Person Connected to the Field of Intention”. It’s a little long but as I was reading it I was underlining some parts that were important to me and after reading I found this chapter to be very inspiring and like to think of it as a guide for the type of person I strive towards being more like. Which in essence is what I believe to be part of our TRUE selves anyways, it’s just covered up with a bunch of fear. So I guess it’s a guide into teaching ME to how to become more ME. You can not seek that of which you already are right?


First off though I wanted to share how Dr. Dyer defines the word Intention. It can mean different things to different people so it’d be nice to have a common meaning so you know how to relate it to this portrait. He started by saying through his research Intention was defined as “strong purpose or aim, accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result”. People with strong intentions have “a never-give up attitude combined with an internal picture that propels you towards fulfilling your dreams”. I dunno about you, but for me this sounds pretty damn on point with exactly how I defined “intention” for myself. For a textbook definition it sounds great but how about thinking about intention on a soulful  level.

Carlos Castaneda said:

“Intent is a force that exists in the universe. When sorcerers (those who live of the Source) beckon intent, it comes to them and sets up the path for attainment, which means that sorcerers always accomplish what they set out to do”

After reading this quote in a book, Dr Dyer started to think of intent on a whole other plane. What if intention is a force that exists in the universe as an invisible energy field? It’s not something you DO but something that IS. He goes on to explain that intention is something that  exists in everything and has always been there even before we were conceived. It’s what intended us to be born. I know this dude gets deep right?!

But he believes that “Intention is a field of energy that flows invisibly beyond the reach of our normal everyday habitual patterns…We have the means to attract this energy to us and experience life in an exciting new way“.

So basically how I am understanding, as I have talked about before, we are creatures of habit! Half the things we do, the way we conceptualize, the meaning we put to things, our perceptions…are typically built and based off of habit. But what if we started to Intend things to happen. How could life be different? What could we create? This thought changes us from being a person of which things just happen to, to a person whom CREATES what happens to them. When we can reach BEYOND our normal everyday habits , we become CREATORS!

So here are some key ideas I took from the last chapter in “Power of Intention” By Dr. Wayne Dyer. As you read, simply imagine what it would be like to be this person that is described. How would your life be different?

*Spend a few moments in conversation with people who are connected to the power of intention and you see how unique they are.

*It is impossible to get them to be pessimistic about achieving what they desire.

*They don’t say, With my luck things won’t work out, but instead, I intend to create this and I know it will work out. 

*They don’t relate to concepts of failure or it’s impossible.

*To a connector there are simply no accidents. Seemingly insignificant events are being orchestrated in perfect harmony. They aren’t surprised when the money to finance a project they’ve been intending mysteriously shows up.

*They know better than to place a lot of energy on arguing or being frustrated, because that attracts argumentation and frustration into their lives.

*They know in their heart that somewhere an opportunity exists in the setback, and that is what they look for in everything that shows up in their life.

*Rather then asking for something, because that seems to give power to what’s missing, they commune in a state of reverent gratitude for all that is present in their lives, knowing that this empowers their intention to manifest precisely what they need.

*They have a consciousness of oneness…it is all WE. All of us emanate from the same divine energy. They don’t separate themselves spiritually.

*They don’t brag about their good fortune but are in a perpetual state of gratitude and radical humility.

* They have trained their thoughts to move at the levels of higher vibrations and are able to deflect lower/slower vibrations

*Their peacefulness causes others to feel calm and assured.

*They are not interested in winning arguments or accumulating  allies.

*Rather than trying to persuade you to think like they do, they’re convincing through the energy they exude. 

*Connectors tell you without hesitation that they choose to feel good regardless of what’s going on around them or how others might judge them.

*They know that feeling bad is a choice and it isn’t useful for correcting unpleasant situations.

*If they feel bad in any way, they use that as an indicator that its time to change their energy level.

*They don’t allow their well-being to be contingent on anything external to themselves – not the weather, wars, political landscape, economy, and certainly not anyone else decision to be low energy.

*They think from the end. They can see what they intend to manifest as if it has already materialized. It’s so real in their thoughts that its reality.

*They have a noticeable absence of judgement towards others.

*Their power is the fact that they uplift others with their presence.

*They are never offended because their ego isn’t involved in their opinions.

*They have no need to fit in or to do things the way others expect them to.

*Whatever life sends them, they say Thank you. What can I learn and how can I grow from what I am receiving?

*This always-expanding attitude is what ultimately opens up their life to receiving all that the Source is willing to provide

These are simply small notes I underlined while reading. I suggest if you want to read the entire description, my notes give no justice, then pick up the book and check it out.

Now maybe it’s challenging to be perfectly connected ALL the time, maybe we’re not supposed to be, but doesn’t this sound like a good guideline? What do you think would happen if you just TRIED to replicate these ideas in your inner world? How would your experience of things change? How would current “challenges” fade away? What would you begin to create, KNOWING that it would come? What would you let go of,  KNOWING that whatever comes your way (or leaves your way) is to create the bigger picture for you?



Think about that and leave your ideas below. 

Vulnerability leads to connection. Connections allows us to see we aren’t alone. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in the comments below so that you can open the opportunity for a connection with someone else




May Cause Miracles: Week 2 Part 1

So week 2 of “May Cause Miracles” is coming to an end and I feel like i have had some pretty outstanding miracles occur. Its pretty exciting to witness. This week was all about building a new SELF perception and I can say that it’s a week I really needed. I know that I can be pretty dang hard on myself. I also tend to stress out when thinking about the future.


I am entering day 14 and this day is pretty much reflecting how the week went and what I have discovered. I think a lot happened this week that I do want to touch on but maybe too much for one post, so like week 1 I want to split it into two parts again. In this particular part I want to touch on day 8 and 9 but focus mostly on day 10 because I feel like I had a deep evening exercise that night.

I love the part in the book where Gabrielle explains: “When we release our ego’s false perception of who we are or who we need to be, we can surrender to the truth, which is that we are love.”

It’s true. Our ego usually tend to run the show ALL day EVERY day. Constantly comparing and competing. Judging, bringing down, attacking ourself and/or others. When we can just learn to let all that stuff go, we can become clear with our true selves.

Day 8 started off like Day 1 where I had to witness my self-inflicted fear. I noticed I tend to criticize myself a lot especially when it comes to my looks. I feel like I have played small by making excuses and not feeling like I am good enough to do the things I want to do or have the things I want to have. Even when good things come to me, I like to think by way of Karma, I can still have a hard time accepting it because of this mindset. Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough because of how I grew up. I did not grow up with a lot of money like most of my friends and peers and had to be very money conscious. That very much still effects how I live my life today. I can be afraid to let go some times and feel like I actually deserve to spend money on myself or have others spend money on me.

“I am responsible for what I see” helps really put into perspective the power I truly have over my thoughts and the actions caused by these thoughts. I AM RESPONSIBLE!!

On Day 9 “I am willing to let go of my self-doubt. I surrender to self-love” was  the affirmation. The evening exercise was very nice because it involved doing something nice for yourself as well as getting into a praying position as to surrender to your Inner Guide.

mirror-love-handThen there’s Day 10 which was very powerful night for me. It was about actively choosing to love myself. “I AM LOVE” was the affirmation of the day and I know I said this one a lot. I tried to continuously imagine, what does love look like, sound like, feel like, acted out in the energy of myself, and BE that. For the evening I had to look at myself in a mirror and say “I love you” a few times and stare directly at myself in the mirror.

The first thing I actually started doing upon looking in the mirror was picking at everything wrong. The exact opposite of the point. I then remembered the point and began with the words. It seemed like something so simple but when I was staring at myself, almost simultaneously picking myself apart and loving myself at the same time, it was like I could see my whole life through my eyes. I saw all the pain bundled up from when I was younger until now. Everything that built me up into who I was in that moment. All the parts of me that yearned to hear those words. The little girl in me.

I Love You to the 5 year old little girl that was always called “white girl” by family members. Who thought she wasn’t good enough because her skin was too light.

I Love You to the 7 year old little girl that was called the “N” word for the first time she could remember after moving to a better neighborhood. Who thought she wasn’t good enough because her skin was too dark.

I Love You to the the 8 year old little girl that woke up one night at a sleepover to her “friends” talking about her. Who didn’t understand why they all seemed to pretend to like her.

I Love You to the 9 year old little girl that didn’t want to join girl scouts because she heard they had a daddy daughter dance.  Who didn’t want to be embarrassed that her daddy didn’t live with her or wouldn’t be around.

I Love You to the 12 year old little girl who wanted to play on the traveling soccer team but her mom couldn’t afford  it. Who couldn’t understand why and thought it wasn’t fair because she actually made the team.

I Love You to the 15 year old little girl who got dumped by her first boyfriend, her first love, her first everything, and couldn’t understand why. Who hurt so deeply because he continued to have sex with her but didn’t want to date her.

I Love You to the 17 year old little girl who kept having sex with guys that didn’t want to date her. Who didn’t know why she just wasn’t good enough.

I Love You to the 19 year old little girl who sometimes just wanted to have a mom she could talk to about all her pain. Who didn’t understand why their relationship was so rough.

I Love You to the 21 year old little girl who never really dated anyone. Who saw all her friends have boyfriend after boyfriend but had no clue why she only ever had two.

I Love You to the 24 year old little girl who had to figure out and go through her whole pregnancy alone. Who didn’t understand how that guy she loved so much could just treat her like a stranger.

I Love You to the 27 year old little girl who was so confused and scared about her future that she did almost anything to sabotage it’s coming. Who felt like she would never have the love she wanted.

I Love You to the 29 year old little girl who feels like her body isn’t skinny enough, her hair isn’t long enough, her skin isn’t clear enough, her motivation isn’t strong enough. Who doesn’t understand why she feels the way she does.

Even though she is surrounded it by it every single day, I LOVE YOU TO THE LITTLE GIRL WHO FEELS UNLOVED!

I realized in that moment staring in that mirror, which ended up being like 10 minutes, going over all those memories, trying to love that little girl that needed to hear those words in those moments, that not enough praise and love matter if I  don’t feel that love from myself. “I LOVE YOU”. 3 single words could change so much!

The whole next day which was actually the last post I wrote, I felt a passion in my chest. I looked up the heart chakra and found it represents our ability to love. One article I read said that “learning to love yourself is the first step to securing a healthy 4th chakra. The “wounded” child resides in the heart chakra”.

This part amazed me because of what I had just gone through the night before. It made me believe that much more in the power of our minds and the energy within. My heart chakra was LIT UP that day.

Newho, this was a huge step for me. Some things I hadn’t been conscious of in years. It was nice to give myself the love I had needed for so long.

Tomorrow I will go over the rest of the lovely week.



Happy Birthday To Me

happybirthdaytomeSo Wednesday was my 29th birthday and boy did I feel special. I found myself continuously thinking “what did I do to deserve this?”, Sometimes even thinking “I don’t deserve this”. Isn’t that crazy? On my birthday of all days, I would think I didn’t deserve the love or gift that someone is offering me.

How do you react when people give you compliments? Instead of saying thank you and receiving the positive energy, many of us tend to dismiss the compliment in some way. We will minimize it or counter it. You may even say thank you but really aren’t taking it in at all. I never noticed I used to do that until someone had to blatantly point it out to me. Conversation went something like this “I love your hair, its beautiful” “Omg I hate it, it’s so thin and damaged, but thanks”. Boom a three in one!

Throughout the day on my birthday I had to consciously think sometimes “you are getting this recognition because people love you and want to express that”. I’m sure I can’t be the only one that has a hard time receiving love. Why do you think it’s so hard for us to receive love? It could be a multitude of reasons I guess but some that come to mind are because 1. We aren’t used to it 2. We fear the vulnerability 3. We don’t receive enough love from ourselves.

We Aren’t Used To It

One reason it could be hard to receive love is because you did not have a lot of positive experiences when you were younger. This lack now leads to a pain surrounding love. Maybe your parents didn’t encourage you as much as you would have liked. Not only that, maybe you saw your friends parents encourage them therefore you built this pain around the fact that you weren’t getting the same thing. In order for us to fully take in love, we have to be able to open our hearts. When you open your heart you have to touch on that bottled up pain that is there. Sadly, our human nature has been to try to avoid pain so we choose to keep our hearts closed making it hard to let the positive energy in. Paradoxically this avoidance will actually lead us to more pain down the road.

I think a good way to try to heal this part of you is to go back to the memory of that little boy or girl and give them the love you wanted. It’s even better if you have specific memories in which you clearly did not receive what you needed. If you felt your parent did not show you the love you wanted, know that it does not mean they didn’t love you. Maybe they didn’t get the loved they needed when they were younger therefore have a hard time expressing it just the same. Tell yourself “Even though I did not receive the love and encouragement I wanted, I choose to love and encourage myself”

The Fear Of Being Vulnerable

As mentioned above, to fully receive positive energy we have to be open to it. Being open can feel totally exposing. When someone would give me a compliment, it felt awkward to sit there and just accept it and say thank you. I felt naked. Someone was “seeing” me so  I had to cover up by counteracting the compliment. Whats wrong with being seen? I can’t help but hear the voice of the crocodile hunter… there’s me mate right ova there. so here’s what we do, we gotta give ye a mighty compliment aye, when ye accepts it that means ye trust us now right…well now that we have that trust there we have the opportunity to pounce on that mate there when they aren’t looking at us and eat em right up…oh yea and then spit er right out because ye taste bloody horrible! (ps: dont know if Australians say “ye” i just made it up haha

Oh yea, people can then sense your weakness then pounce when you’re not ready, and then when they can really see you they will reject you… so you MUST stay guarded at all times right? We’re not zebras in a field of hungry lions. We are humans and deep down we seek love but again we  want to avoid pain. Being open means being vulnerable which means being susceptible to pain. Well the great thing about pain is that it is a function of your own perspective. Practice being vulnerable. The fear of vulnerability often feels like you have something to hide, so start sharing stuff. Even if it’s just to yourself in the mirror for now. Let it all out…the good, bad, and ugly…and then guess what… LOVE YOURSELF!

We Don’t Love Ourselves Enough

I would say one of the number one reasons it’s hard for us to receive love is because deep down we don’t feel worthy of it. Of course we all like to think we love ourselves but think about how you show love to yourself. Is saying “ugh my hair is so thin and damaged” loving yourself? Is talking negatively about your body loving yourself? Is telling yourself you’re damaged loving yourself? If we can not receive enough love from ourselves, when someone else  is giving us love we tend to have an inner conflict. What they are saying or doing is not matching up to out internal beliefs. In this case, one of two things will happen… we will either let our own negative belief win, OR we will exchange the negative belief for the positive one. Being that we’ve been wired to take the easy route, keeping whats already there is usually what happens. So time to practice the latter fo the two. Exchanging the negative belies for positive ones. We can start by the beliefs we have about ourselves. Each morning try to say something positive about yourself. Then list reasons why this is true. Smile at yourself. Hug yourself. Dance, Sing, LOVE YOURSELF. Love yourself as if you were a friend, because in reality you should be your own friend.

I can admit, I had to remain pretty aware throughout the day on my birthday in order to fully receive all that was coming my way. And guess what, IT FELT GOOD!!! Could you imagine that. Receiving Love FEEL GOOD! So this barrier we’ve built around our heart to avoid pain actually has blocked love in the process. Silly us!!! My birthday present to myself was letting love in!

Try it!!! Be vulnerable, Love yourself, and Get used to it and I promise you, it will feel great!!! Happy Birthday to me.