True Power Lies In Your Perception

7366018_mA few days ago I was talking to my friend Emily about this new relationship she’s in. She seemed quite nervous. She proceeds to say “I wish I knew what was going to happen in the future with us!, I don’t want to waste any more time”

…there, there Emily, you’re not the only one. Don’t we all wish we knew the future sometimes?

I decided to play a little game with her. I asked her to tell me what her ideal future looks like. It was something she wasn’t even too clear about, so it was fun to get her to actually picture it and put it together.

After she told me what she wanted, I said “Done!…That’s exactly what’s going to happen. You’re going get married. Have kids. The career you want. Excited about life. In love and happy!… That’s what I see in your future”

She laughed it off.

I said “What you don’t believe me?” She said “Uh no, you don’t know the future.”

“Well what if I did?…Ok well let’s just sayyyy there was such a person that could tell you exactly how you’re future was going to look…. let’s just say they told you exactly what I just told you… that everything you want is EXACTLY what’s going to happen…would you believe them?”

“Um maybe”, Emily said a little more easy. “Ok well if you KNEW that was your future, if you knew within a year you’d be engaged… what would you do from now until then?” I asked.

“I’d relax”, she laughed.

Here’s the thing, whether it’s ME telling you what your future is going to look like, or some psychic that could predict your future, in reality it doesn’t matter. Even if this psychic has never been wrong, you’d still have to have some faith in what they’ve told you. You see, because you STILL wouldn’t really know for sure what’s going to happen UNTIL it happens. The only difference between me telling you your future, and a psychic telling you is that you would CHOOSE to believe the psychic.

That right there is the power of perception. You have the power to perceive anything however you CHOOSE to perceive it. If Emily wanted to believe me and what I said her future looks like she very well could. And just like she could place that power in my hands, she could also take that power herself. SHE could become her own psychic.

Just like in my post the other day, your beliefs become your thoughts which become your words which become your actions…and so on. Sometimes it could feel like you have no control over your perception but it’s actually the ONLY thing you have control over. If you believe in the possibility of your dreams, you will then start to act accordingly to what you believe.


Emily had contemplated on breaking up with her boyfriend for no other reason then she was SO anxious about not knowing how things were going to end up and she didn’t want to waste time. In the back of  her head, she believes that maybe she’s going to end up alone. Very common for some people at our almost 30 age. I told her, that anxiousness, that fear…it was an opportunity. An opportunity to decide if she was going to move towards her dreams or towards her fears. She’s in a relationship with a guy she’s in love with and she’s very happy with him. This was the chance to not only see this is what she WANTS but also to ACCEPT that things are going the right way.

I asked her “Now that you know you’re going to marry him, do you still want break up with him?” “Well NO!” That answer is obvious because when you’ve been told what you’re future is going to be, you’re going to let it happen. You aren’t going to do anything or let anything come in way of it happening. If you believe he’s “the one” you are going to act like he’s “the one”. And if you’re acting like he’s “the one” then you won’t be surprised when he becomes “the one”. The Law of Attraction brings to you what you believe to be true.

Why are successful people successful? Because they believe they can achieve their goals or because they are afraid of failing? Because they BELIEVE they can achieve their goals. That belief is causing them to make the necessary moves they need to make to be exactly where they want to be. If they believed they were going to fail, they would fail. Period! If you truly believe you’re going to be alone in your future, big chance is you… will be!

When you can shift your beliefs and give yourself power, you will come to understand that the world is ALWAYS placing clues in your path. Clues that allow you to follow the direction of your TRUE desires. When you are OPEN you will start to notice what is being presented, you will understand it’s an opportunity to learn and grow, and you take it in order to accept your dreams coming true. If you are closed off, you will simply continue to miss your chances. You will become anxious and fearful of what’s going to happen next because the vision isn’t there. Or it could be there, but it’s the vision of your FEARS not your dreams. Anxiety and fear are nothing but indicators that your vibrations aren’t matching what the core of you desires. Take them as CLUES.

Things are always happening FOR YOU. It is up to you to recognize the opportunities and it is up to you to define what they mean to you. You do have to remember that you are a CO-creator. It’s you and your higher power. God, the Universe, your Source, all of the above, whatever you call it.

If things don’t happen EXACTLY how you envision, doesn’t mean your dreams won’t still come true. When you remember you are a co-creator, you’ll know your dreams will still come true, just maybe not in the way you always imagine. But guess what, they’ll happen even BETTER then you imagine. Because the Universe is way more expansive and creative than your mind, so it will bring you success in ways you could never think. It’ll also be a way that is also allowing you to learn the lessons you are on this Earth to learn. But you must have faith. The power lies in YOU. You don’t need a psychic to tell you what your dreams are and that they are going to happen because at the end of the day YOU are the one that has to believe it.

What are your dreams? How have you been acting accordingly? In what ways can you see your fears hindering you? Do you notice opportunities when they are in front of you?

What do you dare to dream today? How can you be more open to that dream?

Vulnerability leads to connection. Connections allows us to see we aren’t alone. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in the comments below so that you can open the opportunity for a connection with someone else. 🙂




Believe In Your Dreams and They Can’t Help but Come True!

Soooo I finally met Mastin Kipp, my hero!  Although I havent made a vision board physically I definitely have one in my head and certain things have been implanted so thick that, especially after this one, that they are starting to happen or I KNOW they are going to happen one day. Meeting Mastin Kipp was one of them. Meeting Mastin AND sitting and having a real truth conversation is another. Oh and add on being a part of what he does and TDL to go even further up on the Bucket List. But I’ll take meeting him, being nervous out of my mind that my hands were shaking and I made no eye contact and didn’t ask what I wanted to ask and feeling lame, for what it is… Which is, my visions are coming closer and closer to happening.

The craziest part is thinking about how it came about in a way that I didn’t even realize at the time. I was reading TDL and saw the banner for the seminar, it didn’t cost much money, it was in West Hollywood, I just figured why not make this move towards what you want and go to this seminar. I wasn’t even really thinking about meeting and speaking to Mastin. Seeing him speak was enough for me.

On the way to drop my son off at the babysitter, my boyfriend and I BOTH realized we left our phones at home. Which is rare because we are kinda stuck to them. I realized I had no clue where I was going and was dying without the Navigation on my phone. As we were dropping my son off we asked my friend to look up the address and directions on her phone as we had 15 minutes to be there. Her phone wasnt working at first, then we got directions to the wrong place. Luckily I noticed it before we left because we had directions to Culver City. We then had to look up the correct address and directions and then the traffic said one hour. We left it was 6:50pm and the seminar started at 7:00pm. The traffic was horrible and as it turned 7:00pm all I could do was wince because now not only were we late but we were gonna be really late. While we were driving, there was times where I was feeling like “of course this has to happen to me when it’s something I have really looked forward to” and I felt myself getting really frustrated but also I was stopping myself and breathing and trying to relax and just know I was gonna hear what I needed to hear no matter what time I got there…and that gave me peace! Whats meant to be will be, right?

Being able to catch myself thinking out of control and gain some control back, even if just for a moment at a time, is something HUGE in my head. It’s the small steps like these we have to give ourselves credit for. These are the small steps that are going to lead us to the top of the mountain, and it starts with recognition and gratitude from ourselves first. We don’t change over night, this is ongoing work, but with each little step life gets better and better. Maybe not easy, especially at first, but indeed better.

And guess what, I walked in and Mastin was JUST introduced and I hadn’t missed his turn at all. I missed Gabrielle speak her story but maybe it wasn’t my time for her yet. (I bought all her books though, I’ll let you know how they are). Just like I had told myself a better story in the car while in traffic… I am telling myself a better story about this meeting. I am grateful for the opportunity, the inspiration, and I am CHOOSING to see it in a better light. This switch in perception alone gives me that much more juice to keep the momentum going. That’s the crazy part, the positive feeds us ten times more yet some reason we still jump to the negative because it’s what we are used to even though it doesn’t make us feel good.

The Daily Love has absolutely changed my life and I will never be the same because of it. My brain has transformed in the most inspirational way. Recently everything has been making more sense, after 4 years of learning what I have learned, I KNOW that I am doing nothing but growing and working towards my purpose and that gives me HUGE fulfillment. I want to put myself out here, be vulnerable, express my fears and share my trials and in turn inspire others the way in which I have been inspired.

I have seen TDL grow from JUST a Twitter site, to a website, to only Mastin posting a couple of times a week, to every day, to a couple of people a week guest blogging, to what it is today. From him not having a relationship in 7 years to being in a beautiful relationship with a beautiful girl. From being a guy that was sleeping on couches to a guy that has met and even inspired Oprah. I have witnessed his life transform before me as a result of the truth he speaks and can’t help but want to test the formula on my life.

After meeting Mastin, My boyfriend asked “so are you satisfied”. I looked at him and said “NO!” and I went in to all the reason I just screwed up that chance. I felt like I didn’t show confidence, I probably sounded lame, I didn’t catch his attention. All these negative stories about myself. Although I still felt very much inspired, I couldn’t help but think about how I just might not be good enough to do what he does and get where he’s at. Today I was telling my friend the story and she said “All your visions are coming true”. I suddenly thought “Yea, you’re right!”.

 Yes I can think of all the ways “I messed up” when it comes to this seminar or I can step back  and, like my friend said, “I’m getting closer to my dreams”. It doesn’t matter how I thought I appeared but the fact that we met and spoke is a step. When you believe in your dreams, they can’t help but come true!!!

I wasn’t lying Mastin, I’ll see you again sometime!


What’s Your “Thing”?

So I was browsing some posts from the blogs I follow, I havent really been able to do so much. I came across “Save Your Own Ass” by Truth and Cake. It is about finding that thing that is yours. For most bloggers it writing. All my life I feel like I was always trying to find that one thing that I am good at AND love to do. Most of us do this when we are younger and some are still searching now. I’ve thought I had many things over the years. Soccer and track. I used to think those were my thing until I got hurt and never played the same. Drawing used to be my thing until I had to go to a “real” college and take “real” classes. Photography became my thing when people started asking me to take pictures of them and wanted to pay me. I mean I have a small business in it now that’s how “my thing” it is.  I love soccer (and still miss it greatly), I love track, I love drawing, I love photography…I love a lot of things but recently I have realized those things aren’t my THING.  I have discovered in the recent years that the thing I love to do and can’t seem to go without is growing and helping people. Not just helping people as in philanthropy, but helping people become better people.

I just have this natural inclination as I think we most do towards love. Having love, being love, watching love, spreading love. I always had little signs that were pointing me in this direction but never really paid attention to the commonality of it all. It was just in the few years that I  formally to pathways to self growth, law of attraction, power of intention, positive thinking type stuff. I became so intrigued because I got it instantly. I felt like my mind just automatically understood things on a very deep level and it all resonated with me instantly. I always wanted to share what I learned with other people. I watched The Secret probably 8 times in the span of a few months just because I always wanted to show other people and watch it with them every time. Every time I read a good psychology self-help book I will rave about it over and over. I am constantly talking to my friends and trying to give advice and pushing them towards their dreams.. I even find people I barely know and if I see they are feeling negative I try to add in a positive note. I mean I sometimes feel like I’m Angel’s Advocate (instead of Devils) because I feel like no matter what I am always trying to help others see the “bright” side of things.

Am I saying I’m perfect? NOT AT ALL. This is even more reason of why I feel so passionately about it. Self growth never stops. It’s never perfect. I always say ” if you stop growing you stop living”. We can always be better people and learn new things because we will always have new experiences. Every time I have a conversation with someone, find a new article, read a new book, share a few quotes… I am learning and growing too, I am becoming more aware of how to live my own advice. I never claim to be perfect. I never claim my words are the TRUTH. I just like to share what I am passionate about, what I have found to be true in my life, what I have experienced or witnessed in others, and I just dare you to see it as possibility. Is it possible? not “buts” about it. If it’s possible then what would that look like for you? If you don’t see it possible then why?  I crave learning just as much as I do sharing. I just love to expand my horizons and help others expand theirs.

About a year ago I found this really good blog and I started sharing quotes from the articles. I had found so much meaning and relation to the articles that I felt like if it had helped me so much and made me think twice about something in a positive way then maybe it can do that for others. You never know who its reaching and how much it could touch their lives at that moment as we ALL have our shit. Well randomly I would get these emails from people I didn’t even realize paid two cents of my attention thanking me for my posts because it had helped them. I felt this connection and love. It made me even more committed to sharing.

I have many plans and ideas as to how to work this thing of mine and the blog is just one. I can admit I am not the best writer. I have read many of blog that have made me want to quit because I felt I didn’t compare but for some reason I have not quit. I mean sometimes it’s very hard for me to write. It can be near impossible to articulate all the things going on in my head. I definitely speak better than I write in certain subjects. I have not quit though because I have come to see that writing may not be my thing but, although scary, my fears have not allowed me to stop because by doing it I am doing mything. This is the thing that gives me joy and enthusiasm. This is the thing that keeps me alive. When I go through tough time, the things that save me are positive influence. This is what saves my ass. Growing and Helping. By all means I am not a pro but I have a passion. Ask my friends, when I speak to them I speak with conviction. A passion so deep to truly just want the best for myself and others and learning and sharing how to get that. To get them to experience the miracles of ourselves and the experiences we have. Friend, family, or foe. By sharing my experiences, articles, quotes, and what I come to see as true, maybe just maybe it’s reaching out to some unknown person and helping change their life.

What is your thing?Maybe by finding and doing your thing you can have an impact on someone’s life too, even better, your own…. Sometime’s we don’t know until we do it. Let’s admit, at least us in the blogging world, writers and readers, love growing and helping.

Leaving you with a Paulo Coelho quote that was already posted the other day:

“Whenever we do something that fills us with enthusiasm, we are following our legend. However, we don’t all have the courage to confront our own dream”

Think about it!