I’m Still Alive

Just dropping in to let you know I Am indeed still alive. This is probably the longest time between posts I have ever had since I started. Kinda bummed because I was hoping during this break pre-baby that I would have more time to dedicate to writing some more, but honestly on most days it’s just hard to keep my eyes open, especially when on the computer.

I’ve also had SO much to do. Let’s just say I’ve been in FULL nesting mode. Wanting to rearrange, and get together every room in the house. Throw away stuff. You name it. I have to still get my homework done, which is actually my Final, for class and turn it in by Friday especially if I don’t make it to class this weekend… yes I’ve even been thinking about going even though it’s my due date weekend, I’m crazy I know! I’ve been trying to fit in some time here and there editing pictures I still owe a couple from their wedding. I’ve been getting the nursery together. My poor fiance has got it from me for sure. Going to Babies R Us every other day. Spending money money money. Changing my mind. Cleaning…messing up… avoiding packing my hospital bag. I’ve been freaking out wanting to get everything done before the baby comes considering he could be here ANY day now. And then on top of all that, taking naps in the middle of it all.

So of everything that I feel needs to be done BEFORE the baby comes, my blog has fallen by the wayside. BUT I know how understanding you are that I know it’s ok!!! 🙂

Thanks for sticking around during this break for me. I’m sure it wont get much easier over the next couple months but I will try to be more present and available.

I miss you and hopefully u miss me 🙂

Will stay in touch over the next few days. Baby boy will be here ANY DAY now.


The Barista