Good Deed Sunday: 1/5/14

So my first week of Good Deeds is complete. Although for the most part they were really simple, I looked forward to being able to complete them. Here’s some details for how it went.

1/1/14 Smile at a stranger:
As easy as this deed sounds it was an interesting one for me. I know many times I can walk around with somewhat of a serious face. I have been told by strangers before to “Smile, you look so serious”. So I wanted to make the effort to intentionally smile at a stranger, not because they were helping or communicating with me in any way but just because they were in my presence, whether just walking by or standing there. So on the way back from the Bay Area to LA we stopped at a Gas Station of course and I made a conscious effort to give a BIG smile to a stranger walking by. Simple but nice!

1/2/14 Become an Organ Donor:
This one was actually perfect because I had just renewed my license on 12/27/13 and had filled out the paperwork to be a donor. I have been a donor since my first license at 17. Although this deed was done a few days earlier, it definitely still counts.

20140104_1529551/3/14: Put Change in An Expired Meter:
I actually completed this deed on 1/4/14. I thought it was perfect for 1/3 because I was heading to Santa Monica , where they have tons of meters, for school and thought it would be simple to come across a meter that expired. What I didn’t know was, most of the meters turned off at 6pm, at least the ones near my school, so by the time I got down there around 615pm it was already too late.

So yesterday on 1/4, during my lunch break, I was meeting my fiance and son and some friends on the pier. I brought a bunch of quarters with me and as I walked from my car to the pier I scoped out the meters and found TWO meters that were expired and put a dollar’s worth of change into each. My original intention was to leave a loving note but figured I needed no acknowledgement, just a silent act of kindness.

1/4/14: Talk  About What You’re Grateful For:
Since I was unable to complete Friday’s deed on Friday I switched days with this one. I completed this deed on 1/3/14. When I completed this deed it was actually happening naturally throughout the day. When I was getting ready in the morning I had acknowledged a friend, publicly and thought a text, for a new calendar she had given me recently that I am very grateful for. I had also publicly talked about how much I loved my school and was looking forward to attending Friday night. Strangely I found myself in two separate conversations about Nutri-bullet as well and how grateful I was and how much I love mine (and randomly two more conversations on Saturday about it as well). This one is always a good one.

I have picked the deeds for the upcoming week. Again, I invite you to follow along with me on this new journey when you can.


1/6/14: FORGIVE SOMEONE for a minor resentment that’s been bothering you


1/8/14: HOLD THE ELEVATOR DOOR OPEN even if it will delay you

1/9/14 aka  My Birthday: TREAT YOURSELF

1/10/14: walk around your block & PICK UP TRASH

Loving the deeds this week. Hope you choose to follow along. Don’t forget to follow me on FB too where I will be posting the Deeds daily as a reminder.

If you’ve followed along this last week, I would love to hear your experience in the comments section below!

Until Next Time,