I got the name My Mornin Coffee one day while I was telling someone about this website tha I follow religiously. Now I’m typically not a big coffee drinker. Definitely not one that NEEDS it all the time if really ever, But I know A LOT of people who do. And when I say need, yes its like a physical they wanna punch you in the face if they don’t have it kinda need. What’s funny is that about 5 years ago I used to drink coffee every morning when I got to work. Not because I felt I needed it but because it became habit. I used to come to work a little early and it always felt just awkward to start working right away esp while everyone else got a little extra break in the coffee-room. So I started going in there and making coffee as my excuse to get a little extra time before work. Well slowly but surely it became an everyday thing. The funny part about it is that I didn’t even like coffee. I used to put tons of creamer and sugar in it just to make it drinkable. But it was such a habit that it almost really felt like I just HAD to do it. My mind would trick my brain into thinking I needed coffee when in reality I really just needed to do the action. I think that’s how it really is for most people. I think actions become the habit versus the physical need of something and sooner or later they trick their brain into thinking its a physical need. We become machines and we start to live our lives out of habit. We trickle through life everyday not really living, just going through the motions…out of habit.  {I can happily say I stopped the coffee drinking habit after a few months}.

About a year ago when I found my favorite blog, everyday I would come to work, turn on my computer and read this website. It had become My Mornin Coffee. It was empowering, it made me feel awesome, and it was the perfect way to startg my day. It made me want to share those feelings with everyone else. I decided from then that I wanted to one day make a blog that could become other people’s Mornin Coffee. I wanted to be able to inspire people and make them feel good. Start their day with positive thoughts and feelings. Instead of DRINKING mornin coffee and getting addicted to something that isn’t good for your body or mind and is a quite negative way to start your day, how about READING Mornin Coffee and  start your day in a positive way. It’s time to stop living a life of habit but instead living one with INTENTION. When you do that, powerful things begin to happen for you. Its time to live the life that is intended for you, not the one you carelessly inhabited along the way.

Welcome to My Morning Coffee!!! Hope to have a impact on your life in some way and that you can in turn have an impact one someone elses. Imagine, then we’d be on our way to Peace! 😉


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