My Last Blog Post For My Mornin’ Coffee

Hey All,

As you can see from the post title, I am sad but also pleased to announce that this will be my last blog post for My Mornin’ Coffee. As some of you know, this blog was my baby and I have tried to hold on for as long as possible but it seems like now is the best time for it to come to an end.

It took me a while from the time this was a thought to actually writing my first blog. I have always held high visions for My Mornin’ Coffee but in the past found that it was hard to keep up with it consistently as much as I wanted to, with all of the other things going on in my life. Because of this I would give myself a hard time, if I was not consistent in posting. As my life began to unfold, it only became more difficult. I started to feel bad, as if I were letting people down when in reality, I’m not even sure who really read it in the first place, but I kept it open in hopes that I could one day continue to write and post again as frequently as I used to.

One of the visions was it opening other doors for me to venture into other things while making a name for myself and putting myself out there. I am happy to say that other opportunities have continued to come along, including my new movement Let Love Surprise You. I also haven’t shared with you that I am now a blogger for the Huffington Post which is beyond exciting. Even more so, because you can still follow my blogs over HERE. My reasons for letting My Mornin’ Coffee go finally, after a lot of thought and sadness, is so that I can open up energy into the other things I am doing for myself and my career. I know as long as I kept the possibility open, it was taking energy away from me. I just graduated with my Masters and I am also considering beginning my own life coaching practice, as I go through B-School again. Between Let Love Surprise You, the HuffPo blogs, and opening up to life coaching, technically My Mornin’ Coffee still exists just through different arenas now.

The blog will still be here, for references back to past blog posts but I will not be renewing the URL which means that eventually it will be found at instead. I will be disabling my Facebook and Instagram accounts though but again you can follow me instead on my FBIG, and Twitter pages for Let Love Surprise You (by clicking on the links)! I would love to still have you. I would also love for you to JOIN MY MOVEMENT and sign up for my newsletter and e-love letters via my website, as a way to keep in touch with what I am doing and my new adventures.

Again thanks for all the support and farewell for now



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