Tracking Social Media

So I’m realizing how NOT easy it is to keep up with my blog after having a baby. I pictured myself having this time while the baby sleeps to keep updated and work on my blog, change layout, create awesome posts, but….NO. It hasn’t exactly been working like that. I obviously have forgotten what it’s like to have a small baby.

Ya know the saying is, “Sleep when they sleep”. Ya right! When he sleeps I have to decide if I’m going to shower, make something to eat, clean up, do a load of laundry, read my books for homework, do homework assignments, or brush my teeth. Oh yea, and most times I only have 30 minutes to do whichever task(s) I pick because this baby likes to cat nap yay! The last few days I have fallen asleep too though. Not by choice of course. My lack of sleep is just catching up with me. When I’m only getting 2 maybe 3 hour increments of sleep at a time, some days my eyes are so heavy I can’t help but to doze along with my little man. I’ll take it when I can I guess.

But I haven’t forgotten you, and I haven’t forgotten wanting to lessen my time using social media and my cellphone in general. I have not been able to track my usage the way I wanted to because it’s a little too tedious for my current situation but what I do know is that I use Social Media and my phone in general A LOT! There is a fine line sometimes between using the phone for something productive and using it to waste time. I tend to get ADD when I use my phone. It may start by checking an email and then 15 minutes later I’ve checked Facebook 3 times, posted a picture to Instagram, read two blog articles people posted, and three YouTube videos. I am constantly checking my Facebook and Instagram. And I mean constantly. And to notice the things going through my brain as I do it has been pretty interesting. The urges alone, when I am aware, can be very strong and sometimes when I know I should just put my phone down, I just HAVE to check my profiles. It’s hard to stay focused on just being useful.


What I originally wanted to do was track just how many times I open each application and as a small step I was going to lessen that number each few days or so until I eventually am checking them less and less. But to do it that way I need to know exactly how often I am checking. That means counting each time, and in reality, I check so much that I don’t have time to count. I am actually looking to see if I can find an application that tracks my usage for me. If you know of any, please let me know. It’d help me.

For now, I am going to continue to notice what things run through my head when I am using these various applications. I am going to be aware of my use when I am with my family or friends, my use in public places, and my use when it has nothing to do with anything but wasting time. Then maybe instead of cutting down number of times a day I am using, as a small step, I can even cut out specific time frame in which I do not use. (it sounds like I’m talking about drugs, I know, but seriously it almost kind of feels like that… I admit, it’s pretty sad). I’m not going to judge myself though. Change becomes a lot easier when we are compassionate with ourselves.

If anyone has any other ideas let me know to help me with this process, I would love to hear any suggestions.

How often do you use Social Media? Your cellphone? For what purposes? Leave a comment below.

As much as I want to check in with you in a few days, I’m not sure when I’ll be back… but IWILL try my hardest to check back in, in a few days. Just know I’m always thinking of you so come back often for updates.



One thought on “Tracking Social Media

  1. Heather says:

    I’m addicted too! I honestly think that the best way to lessen how much is checked is to delete the apps from your phone. That way you are not tempted to look at them all of the time. Then when you are around your computer that is when you check them. I find that I do computer time a lot less than I do phone time. Will I be deleting my apps after I said this, probably not :]. I hope that your baby starts sleeping in longer stretches because I know how nice it is to have that extra time to either sleep or get things done! P.S. I don’t think we are friends on Instagram. I’m going to have to look you up!


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