Good Deed Sunday: 1/12/14

Sorry I’m a little late on updating my Good Deeds from this last week. I won’t be posting this weeks Good Deeds today because I’ve been unable to pick them all today because I don’t have my deed journal with me. I did make sure I looked up one for today, just not for the rest of the week. I will make sure those are posted in the morning.

As for last week:

image1/5/14: BE KIND TO YOURSELF:
I had school all day this day and during my lunch hour I decided to spend some time with myself. I went to the park by the beach with my lunch and a small book my mom gave me. I took some pictures, ate some lunch, read some of the book, and took a short nap. This was my way of being kind to myself… Just spending some time alone being peaceful, even if only two hours. I could have went o lunch with some people with class, as everyone else usually does, but this day was a perfect day to just relax.

1/6/14: FORGIVE SOMEONE for a minor resentment that’s been bothering you:
For this one I didn’t know if it was something I should just let go of without saying anything or if I should bring it up to the person who I was holding the resentment for. There wasn’t really ever any argument involved, it was just something that had bothered me for a few days. I decided to forgive a friend for something that had bothered me from the previous week but also let her know that I was letting it go and didn’t want to hold a resentment. We had a small conversation about it and moved on so I’m glad I actually did bring it up because I think it allowed me to let it go fully.

On this day I went to Target during my lunch and got 5 pictures printed from my cell phone to send to my grandma Olga. I choose her to send pictures to because sadly I do not get to see her often or talk to her often. For the last couple of times I have seen her, we have taken pictures and she’s asked for me to send them to her and I would always forget to get the printed or even take them off my camera. So this deed was perfect because I was actually able to send her a few pictures from when I recently saw her right after Christmas time.

1/8/14: HOLD THE ELEVATOR DOOR OPEN even if it will delay you:
This one happened without me consciously thinking about it at the time. I usually do this for people in my building all the time so it was something that just happened normally on this day. It wasn’t until after the woman told me “Thank you” that I actually remembered that it was my deed for this day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, so I spent all day treating myself and being treated by others. It was honestly a really good day for me. At first I was a tad upset because I really enjoy celebrating my birthday and I always wanted to do something big for my 30th. This year I am pregnant so that limited my options by a lot as far as really celebrating it the way I had originally planned. By the end of the day I was actually grateful that it was more low-key because I was really able to appreciate it more and experience it all more present then I probably would have been if I were not pregnant. My last blog post explains how this day went. You can read here.

1/10/14: walk around your block and PICK UP TRASH:
Sadly I did not do this deed this day. I didn’t realize how busy I was going to be. I spent the entire day running errands, going to the doctor, driving around from place to place that this one totally slipped my mind. I will make this one up on another day with another deed.

Last week I for some reason didn’t post a deed for Sunday so I looked one up yesterday and posted it on my Facebook page. This is the one I choose which was perfect for this day. I do photography every once in a while as a side job, so yesterday I shot a wedding for a friend’s family member. When I got to the location I told my friend she looked beautiful in her bridesmaids dress. I also of course told the Bride how beautiful she looked, and another friend that was there.

1/12/14: BE MINDFUL of saying “Please”, “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” throughout the day

will be back tomorrow with the deeds for the rest of the week. As normal, if you have decided to follow along, I would love to hear your experience in the comments below.



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