I Am Grateful For….




50 Things I Am Grateful For Today (in no particular order)

1. Being able to wake up

2. My hot shower

3. This sunny day

4. The garbage man for picking up the trash

5. Seeing my neighbor meditating on his porch

6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

7. Eating breakfast with my son

8. The food in my fridge

9. Being able to write in my blog

10. The lovely people that encourage me to follow my dreams

11. My fiance’s hard work

12. My hair gel

13. Having such a nice house to live in

14. The beautiful backyard

15. The pool guy and the gardeners

16. My car that gets me where I need to go

17. Having a job

18. The smile on my son’s face

19. My generous giving fiance

20. My cousin Shelby’s wonderful video she made of our cruise

21. Being able to call and talk to my mother

22. Birds chirping

23. My comfy bed and pillows

24. My gym membership

25. Target

26. Being able to look at pictures of my friends and their lives

27. All the babies being born

28. Having medical insurance

29. Clean clothes

30. The bougainvilleas growing outside

31. The love I feel for those around me

32. Snacks throughout the day

33. My mind and its ability to think the way it does

34. My perspective on life

35. My spirituality

36. God

37. Quiet time

38. Playing sports with my son

39. Watching my son learn and grow everyday

40. My engagement ring

41. My vitamins

43. Being healthy

44. My pink nail polish

45. Knowing what my passion is and knowing I will never settle

46. The Daily Love

47.  Books, books, book

48. People that inspire me

49. Hands Free Mama blog

50. Feeling my heart beating

And tomorrow will be a new day!


What are 5 things you are grateful for today??


The Barista

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