Welcome to B-School

Happy Monday Coffee Readers,

what_is_bschoolI just signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School and I absolutely could not be any more excited. I got a little newsletter in my email from Mastin Kipp of “The Daily Love” promoting B-School and how he would not be where he is without it. Being that I have witnessed TDL explode over the last couple years, I totally trust his path and recommendations. I had heard him mention it before a while back but for some reason now it’s been calling my name.

One of the things that struck me when I was watching one of her videos was that Marie described herself as a “multi-passionate entrepeneur”. She was explaining how she has been interested in many different things over the years and had pursued so many different dreams and I totally related. The reason is hit me so hard was because I always felt a sort of shame for that quality in myself. I would be mad that I just couldn’t pick a certain area to completely focus on. I did not think it was normal to be really passionate about so many different things. I went to school for Psychology and since then looked into going back to school for graphic design. Started my freelance photography. Was having meetings to start making an app. Wanted to start doing mentoring through TDL. Made custom coasters as gifts one year and wanted to start selling those. I used to want to be a teacher. A financial advisor. Have had jobs in accounting and now business management. Along with millions and millions of plans and ideas.

I’m the girl who always has some new adventure she wants to begin. The thing is, I REALLY am passionate about them all and want to do it all. But like I said, I had some shame in that as if I was SUPPOSED to just be more passionate about something specific. I felt like I was always going to feel lost if I didn’t pick one thing and I’d never be successful. Of course I cared a lot what people close to me thought. “Here she is again, excited about SOMETHING ELSE”.

After hearing her use that term I immediately felt some relief. Here is this woman who felt just like I did yet she IS successful and proud of her many passions. So I decided that YES I am multi-passionate and I’m gonna own it!

Over the last almost year, I have decided that my main dream is just to grow and learn and be happy doing whatever I am doing while inspiring and helping others do the same whether it be through some sort of mentoring or life coaching, or just expressing myself through this blog. I feel that there are just waaaay too many people out there are working for the sake of money and not following their dreams and doing what makes them HAPPY. I truly believe when you take risks and trust in yourself and your purpose that money will be attracted to you and become a plus not the goal. Its my calling to make a dent in that area and it first sells by being the example.


I still want to do photography. I still want to sell cool coasters. I still VERY much want to do the app. and I will probably come up with a ton of more ideas and passions after that. The thing I realized is that I DONT have to pick one thing and I CAN do it all.

B-School excites me because not only have i read nothing but WONDERFUL reviews for it but I know that the tools I will learn and apply to my current passions will further help me with all the future endeavors I want to be a part of.

Usually I have really bad buyer’s remorse, almost instantly. I bought my car and wanted to take it back the next day. Last year I bought a timeshare and actually returned it a week later. I just had buyers remorse in Bali after buying a dress and a t-shirt. 🙂 B-School is a bit expensive for me but I felt such a strong pull towards it that I knew I just had to go for it. Otherwise I’m sure I would have had remorse over NOT buying it. I feel not one single bit of remorse and am counting down the days till next monday.

I am eager to learn more and expand what I am already doing so why not make this investment for myself. I saw it as an investment for my dreams. There’s no better investment than that. Sometimes you just have to jump and only look forward and I’m very proud of myself for doing that. The only thing I felt was a roadblock was the money, which I’m sure for most people it is. The magical thing was, on Friday I was thinking about taxes and it hit me, I usually get around the same amount of money back in taxes as the school costs so that could cover the investment. Voila! See the Law of Attraction is always working and this time it came as a simple reminder.

I’m excited for you guys to now witness the effects of B-School and how it will work for me. Registration closes today at 3pm EST and they don’t think it’ll be open again until 2014 so if you have time to check it out and make the investment do so ASAP otherwise sit back and enjoy the show and by this time next year, we will see where I’m at.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to B-School

  1. ellening says:

    Hello Fellow Scanner. That’s what we multi-passionate people are called; it is a name coined by one of my favorite people on earth, Barbara Sher. Check out her book “Refuse to Choose” – it changed my life! Love your blog and have been wondering how to do something like this; I am looking for a job to have until my husband retires and we move and I can go online, opublic and open for business. Until then, I want to be “anonymous” but still write about all my loves. (due to prospective employer googling me).Some of my ideas: The Anonymous Entrepreneur”, “Entrepreneurial Restraint”, “Preparation for Entrepreneurship”. Would love to chat sometime and connect somewhere! Keep on truckin’ you are doing something right. xxoo


    • Thank you so much fellow Scanner. I like that term as well. I love me a good life changing book so I will keep that one in mind for sure. I am always open to guest bloggers with positive content… feel free to shoot me an email (under contact page) and we can discuss if its something you are interested in. I can also answer any questions u may have about starting your own blog. lmk xoxo


  2. Isn’t that funny that I just found you yesterday through a link from my (online) friend Carl Contino’s Life As A Wave Facebook page, followed that, loved your blog, commented, told you I would love to have an Anonymous blog, and the next day you have your great REVEAL. HALLO ASHLEY! I agree with EVERYTHING you said about WHY you want an anon. blog! Just add I don’t want to be found when I am googled as I am looking for a job. What is really serendipitous, though, is that from your blog I got curious about The Daily Love (TDL) and clicked on it and there was an interview with founder Mastin Kipp with Tommy Rosen about his entheos program “Recovery 2.0” which I had just signed up for! Don’t you love when those unexpected circles happen! I am now following you. Keep writing from the heart, it is why you are having great success. xo


    • yes i absolutely LOVE circles like that… It makes me become super aware to the information being presented to me. It’s like the Universe’s way to show you… “you’re going the right way”. :))) I’m so glad you found my blog and even more honored that you enjoy it. thanks xoxo


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