Making Changes.

Happy Holidays Everyone! So I’ve been visiting with my mother for the last 6 nights and while I’ve been here I have gotten this very familiar feeling. It could be because New Years is coming up and we all have those good ‘ol resolutions we all like to make, but this feeling is one of really wanting to make big changes in my life.

I feel like lately I have been tested in different way to show me that I need to live the life I want to live. BE the way I say I want to be. I believe we all have an idea of the type of person we want to become (you know those whispers in your head) and the universe is constantly testing us to see how dedicated we are to living that truth. Isn’t is funny, when you think about being healthy and you even start going to the gym, you get invited to that birthday dinner and surrounded by food that you shouldn’t be eating. What about when you think about wanting to be a compassionate person and then that person you can’t stand is randomly thrown into your path. These are moments in which you are being tested. Will you fail or will you pass? Well it depends on how committed you are.

What has come up a lot for me while I have been here is my eating habits, which propelled me  into thinking about a bunch of other things I want out of my life, some even so simple. It’s the holiday season so yea I have been around a lot of not so good food. Ok, ok, I admit I’ve lived off of red velvet mini cupcakes, green olives, and sugar cookies!!! This has indeed been a reminder of how I DON’T want to live. I know, I should be able to excuse myself for the sake of the holidays, which could be true if I had eaten healthy the rest of the year, but really the opposite has been true. At least for the last few months. I have been very very gluttonous to say the least.

This morning was looking at a bunch of people’s before and after pics from eating clean, and training hard, and I just felt this motivation inside of me to really become that person that can follow through on her goals. I have been so close in the past and it’s almost like when I knew what I was doing was working, or that I was succeeding at my goal, I started to mess it up. Like I wanted to prove to myself “see I’m not worthy”. Today that familiarity came with thinking that “I AM WORTHY”. Knowing that I CAN make the changes I want to make. Knowing that I do deserve to reach my goals. You do too!!! It was a familiar feeling because deep down its the pure thought and it’s this single thought that will change your life because you are destined to live the life you dream. We all know that thoughts lead to action. So what actions have you been taking? How have your thoughts contributed to that?


I feel like in my head, I know a bunch of changes I want to make, goals I want met, and it’s easy to “forget” what they all are at certain times, or not think of them often. So I think I want to write them all down. I just got a new journal that I want to start writing in so maybe that’s a perfect place to start. For some reason, writing things down makes them a little more permanent. Also when you make lists like that you start to think more clearly and you can come up with some things you may have not even thought about to a certain extent before.

I know we still have a few days before the New Year but today I want you to make a list of the things you want to work on. Juicing every morning, washing your face every night, having 10 minutes to yourself every afternoon, doing something new once a month…I challenge you to write all the things you want to change, start, do. Do it without judgement. Remember you can’t begin to change something if you can’t admit it needs changing. Start today!! This way when the new year comes, you are ready with your list and you are motivated with a clear vision already in sight. I’m interested in some of the things on your list. I’ll share mine when it’s done. I’ve actually been dying to do this!!! Don’t forget, you can continue to add to this list as you think of more things. Just make sure you WRITE IT DOWN! Watch how an act so simple will change your perspective!



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