Am I Making the Right Decision?

So as I think about conversations I have with friends and others either about my life or theirs, one  question always comes up and it “How do I know I am making the right decision?”. I think this is a common fear that most people have because the future is so uncertain. Today my cousin wrote “Insecurity is the root of all created circumstances that are perceived as issues” and I think this is a good thought to think about. What is the insecurity that is pushing the issue of not knowing if you are making the right decision?

Think about it this way…if someone else was making a decision for you and you weren’t sure if they were making the right one, then really you can say that you don’t trust their decisions right? So that means when YOU don’t know if YOU are making the right decision simply means YOU DON’T TRUST YOURSELF. Maybe somewhere in the past you’ve made decisions that didn’t turn out the way you liked them to, or you ended up wishing you had made a different one. Of course this can hinder your future ability to trust yourself.

So the question is, how do we get over this? Well you have to jump. You have to start trusting yourself. Of course sometimes it’s hard to keep in touch to the voice within especially when you have all the voices on the outside trying to push you in all directions as well. Your family wants you to this, your friends want you to that. Of course it’s hard to listen to yourself when all these other voices have a say as well. Everyone has different opinions and we all have the right to our own. No matter what anyone says though, even if it’s the person you trust the most, ONLY YOU know what is best for you.

In the past when you were making all those decisions you regret or that did not go the way you wanted, were those decisions you made based off of what was best or were they made off of what other people wanted from you, or even what you THOUGHT other people wanted from you? My bet is all those decisions weren’t even yours to begin with. And here you now are not trusting yourself because you were going off of what other people wanted. If anything you should learn from THAT. Learn that everyone elses decisions for you aren’t whats best for you, it’s what’s best for them. What makes it even more funny is that those people giving you advice aren’t even following it themselves even though it’s their advice.

 Everything you desire comes from within, which means the answer is ALWAYS there. There are two parts to your self. Your human mind that bases things off of ego and all the clutter going on around you, and your higher self which is connected to your source and is always working FOR YOU.

 All the clutter can cause you to disconnect from your higher self. Therefore making decisions seem harder than they are. You have to start connecting with your inner wisdom and know that it is the thing that knows what’s best for you.

How do you know when you are connected? Well when you are listening to your higher self, the messages you hear are supporting YOU. The answers aren’t worried about what other people will think or how they will feel about your decisions. How many times do you even argue with yourself because you are so worried about what others will think or feel. “Well I know I should do this BUT …”. Every time you are indecisive, you are closing off the trust towards your self. You are telling yourself that you don’t trust what your inner wisdom wants for you. Let me add this, if you are surrounded by people who love you and support you like your higher self does, they will trust you too and they will continue to be there for you. If not, you do not need them in your life. What easier way to weed people out. By making some decisions for yourself. Double whammy!!! Sounds pretty beneficial to me.

Know this too, nothing has to be permanent. The decisions you make now don’t have to be that way forever. If/when you feel that they are permanent, ask your self why? Is it because you are caring about how others will perceive your decision? What is right for you now may not be right for you in a day, a month, or even a few years. And guess what? You have the power to make a new decision then. When you trust and love your self, no one elses opinions matter. You KNOW you are making the right decision. You can look at your life and KNOW that you are responsible for the co-creation of it. And when things don’t turn out the way you think, you KNOW its becuase something better is waiting. Things will start to come easy and effortless to you because you KNOW what you want. Your decisions don’t make you a victim, it’s the decisions of others that make you feel powerless. Your decisions make you POWERFUL, They give your life MEANING, and guess what, YOU WILL BE HAPPY, YOU WILL BE FREE!

My challenge to you  is to START MAKING DECISIONS. No matter how small. Every time you come to that wonderful fork in the road, instead of sitting there not knowing which way to go and becoming a victim of “stuckness”, or having someone else tell you what to do, PICK A WAY and KNOW that it’s the right way for you. Ask your self, “Is this right for ME right now or someone else?” And even if there are obstacles, you are powerful enough to get through them. You don’t have to stop turn around and go the other way. Maybe you picked that road on purpose, so you could become stronger. What better way to get over the fear of trusting yourself then to TRUST YOUR SELF! Nike does have the best slogan… JUST DO IT!

We all have a unique purpose. We are more than our personalities, our problems, our fears, and our illnesses. We are far more than our bodies. We are all connected with everyone on the planet and with all of life. We are all spirit, light, energy, vibration, and love, and we all have the power to live our lives with purpose and meaning.” – LOUISE HAY

xoxo ,

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