What’s Your “Thing”?

So I was browsing some posts from the blogs I follow, I havent really been able to do so much. I came across “Save Your Own Ass” by Truth and Cake. It is about finding that thing that is yours. For most bloggers it writing. All my life I feel like I was always trying to find that one thing that I am good at AND love to do. Most of us do this when we are younger and some are still searching now. I’ve thought I had many things over the years. Soccer and track. I used to think those were my thing until I got hurt and never played the same. Drawing used to be my thing until I had to go to a “real” college and take “real” classes. Photography became my thing when people started asking me to take pictures of them and wanted to pay me. I mean I have a small business in it now that’s how “my thing” it is.  I love soccer (and still miss it greatly), I love track, I love drawing, I love photography…I love a lot of things but recently I have realized those things aren’t my THING.  I have discovered in the recent years that the thing I love to do and can’t seem to go without is growing and helping people. Not just helping people as in philanthropy, but helping people become better people.

I just have this natural inclination as I think we most do towards love. Having love, being love, watching love, spreading love. I always had little signs that were pointing me in this direction but never really paid attention to the commonality of it all. It was just in the few years that I  formally to pathways to self growth, law of attraction, power of intention, positive thinking type stuff. I became so intrigued because I got it instantly. I felt like my mind just automatically understood things on a very deep level and it all resonated with me instantly. I always wanted to share what I learned with other people. I watched The Secret probably 8 times in the span of a few months just because I always wanted to show other people and watch it with them every time. Every time I read a good psychology self-help book I will rave about it over and over. I am constantly talking to my friends and trying to give advice and pushing them towards their dreams.. I even find people I barely know and if I see they are feeling negative I try to add in a positive note. I mean I sometimes feel like I’m Angel’s Advocate (instead of Devils) because I feel like no matter what I am always trying to help others see the “bright” side of things.

Am I saying I’m perfect? NOT AT ALL. This is even more reason of why I feel so passionately about it. Self growth never stops. It’s never perfect. I always say ” if you stop growing you stop living”. We can always be better people and learn new things because we will always have new experiences. Every time I have a conversation with someone, find a new article, read a new book, share a few quotes… I am learning and growing too, I am becoming more aware of how to live my own advice. I never claim to be perfect. I never claim my words are the TRUTH. I just like to share what I am passionate about, what I have found to be true in my life, what I have experienced or witnessed in others, and I just dare you to see it as possibility. Is it possible? not “buts” about it. If it’s possible then what would that look like for you? If you don’t see it possible then why?  I crave learning just as much as I do sharing. I just love to expand my horizons and help others expand theirs.

About a year ago I found this really good blog and I started sharing quotes from the articles. I had found so much meaning and relation to the articles that I felt like if it had helped me so much and made me think twice about something in a positive way then maybe it can do that for others. You never know who its reaching and how much it could touch their lives at that moment as we ALL have our shit. Well randomly I would get these emails from people I didn’t even realize paid two cents of my attention thanking me for my posts because it had helped them. I felt this connection and love. It made me even more committed to sharing.

I have many plans and ideas as to how to work this thing of mine and the blog is just one. I can admit I am not the best writer. I have read many of blog that have made me want to quit because I felt I didn’t compare but for some reason I have not quit. I mean sometimes it’s very hard for me to write. It can be near impossible to articulate all the things going on in my head. I definitely speak better than I write in certain subjects. I have not quit though because I have come to see that writing may not be my thing but, although scary, my fears have not allowed me to stop because by doing it I am doing mything. This is the thing that gives me joy and enthusiasm. This is the thing that keeps me alive. When I go through tough time, the things that save me are positive influence. This is what saves my ass. Growing and Helping. By all means I am not a pro but I have a passion. Ask my friends, when I speak to them I speak with conviction. A passion so deep to truly just want the best for myself and others and learning and sharing how to get that. To get them to experience the miracles of ourselves and the experiences we have. Friend, family, or foe. By sharing my experiences, articles, quotes, and what I come to see as true, maybe just maybe it’s reaching out to some unknown person and helping change their life.

What is your thing?Maybe by finding and doing your thing you can have an impact on someone’s life too, even better, your own…. Sometime’s we don’t know until we do it. Let’s admit, at least us in the blogging world, writers and readers, love growing and helping.

Leaving you with a Paulo Coelho quote that was already posted the other day:

“Whenever we do something that fills us with enthusiasm, we are following our legend. However, we don’t all have the courage to confront our own dream”

Think about it!


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