Mini Goal Monday: the SMART way

So last week , on top of my usual weight loss goals, I made quite a few goals to be held by today. I also had a lot going on last week and I also didn’t think clearly about them and how they were going to be achieved. This may not have been a smart way to make my goal planning. Key word “planning”. Goals should always be planned, even if they are mini in order to achieve them.

Here are some keys to making SMART goals:

The key one that I didn’t pay attention to last week was ATTAINABLE. I knew, even as I was writing them that weren’t ALL attainble considering my schedule. Knowing that ahead of time I was just setting myself up for failure. So as you get ready to set your Mini Goals this week do it the SMART way.

“This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything.” Scott Reed

So what are you goals this week?

Mini Goals
I have 4 more weeks to fit my fitness goals with 7 more lbs to lose. so this is about 1.75lbs a week. any slacking off from now could knock me off my MAIN goal so I gotta stay on top of it. Back to my weight loss goals for now because those are important to me.

*Workout video every morning this week at 7am M-F
*Gym monday 8pm, wed 8pm, fri 3:30pm, sunday hiking 9am
*No candy or junk food
*No eating after 8pm except protein shakes (with water) after gym.
*lose 2lbs this week


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