I Want YOUR Opinion

SoOoOoooo since March 14th when my first post was published I have had 20 posts (this will be 21), 3 comments, 15 post likes, 11 subscribers, 6 twitter followers, 8 facebook followers, and 250 views in 5 different countries (USA, Australia, Rupublic of Korea, Switzerland, and Canada).

Annnnd, this is with barely publicizing. I just told a few of my friends about the blog the other day. When I started I wanted to see the flow of natural progression, I didn’t want people following me just because they were my friend and i was forcing them to so I didn’t really share what I was doing with many people. I shared the blog as I do when I share other articles or quotes but not as myself being the creator. I am pretty proud of myself considering most of these stats come from people whom have stumbled across my blog 🙂

If you are reading this, I just wanted your opinion thus far!!!

I follow various motivational blogs and when I thought to make one of my own, I had a few visions in mind. When I read something good I always want to share it with everyone I know. If you are Facebook friends with me, you know this truth. I share articles, quotes, and excerpts from blogs I read almost daily. It somewhat became my mission every day. I always think that if something is helpful to me then it could be helpful to others. You really never know until you share. Over the last year I had gotten a lot of positive feedback through people who were touched one way or another by my simple sharing. People had randomly written me to thank me for my posts because it was helping them in their life at that moment. One of the most powerful things I have learned is that we really are ALL one. Although we have different faces and stories, we all share similar struggles and experiences. One of my visions was to be a “one-stop-shop” and share with you different  articles/posts from some of my favorite places in hopes to continue to help other people by means of what helps me.

Another vision and my main objective was to document my experiences when it comes to following “The Path”.  If you are into motivational blogs then you should be somewhat familiar with the term “The Path”. {If not, I will go along to explain my version of what that means in another post}. I want to share my struggles, my steps into becoming more mindful, and my outcomes from following through on the things I learned and believe.

Although I have been interested and learning about things like Integrity, Law of Attraction, Truth, Intention, etc for the last couple years, it was not until recently that I really started trying to integrate into my life. Really follow the methods I was learning to become a better person, create a better life, and live my truth. I wanted my blog to be helpful and motivating yet also personal and relatable as well. I am still new to living my life on The Path and as much as I know, believe, and can preach, I don’t yet have AS much experience living it and really testifying the outcome. And that is what I want to bring to the table. I want to BE INSPIRING.

So many people can give you advice about life and how to be happy but it can be rare that the person is living that truth themselves, myself included. I am now trying to become someone who walks their talk. I want to bring you my personal experiences and that way over time you can witness, along with me, the transitions that happen when you follow your truth. This way when I write TO you, you KNOW that I am an experiencer of my words. Get ready because it’s about to get real personal in here.

Thirdly I want my blog to be interactive. I want to be involved in my readers lives as they will be in mine. I want to create a safe place where I can share and others can share with whatever they want.  I envision a symbiotic relationship. I want to give AND take. Learn AND teach. Speak AND listen. I am not perfect at this thing called life nor are any of us and we never will be. That’s why I feel that one of the MOST important things is to build meaningful connections with people in order to help each other and learn and do what we can to make the ride as enjoyable as possible.  We all need to know we are not alone but we can only know that by connecting, sharing, and being open and truthful with each other.

 SO I WANT YOUR OPINION. What can I do to make this My Mornin Coffee taste better? I am new to the blogging world as far as trying to create a deep interaction with people so any advice will be heard. What do you like that I am doing? What don’t you like? What will make you more involved? What makes you inspired to share? Do you want more articles from others/less?I want to hear it all!!!! I want your ideas, stories, questions, advice, EVERYTHING! I don’t want this to be just my blog I want it to be OUR blog. When you read the title it is MY MORNIN COFFEE which means it is YOUR Mornin Coffee. Out of all the statistics I shared above I am really not sure how many people will even see this post. Some might come across it today, some might not see it for months, but I ask you…IF YOU READ THIS POST, PLEASE LEAVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK! I appreciate you and your opinion. :)))

Let’s get ready to GET REAL!!!

THANKS!!! xoxo

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