Mini Goal Monday: Keep Going

HAPPY MONDAY!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and weekend. Mine was very full and I am still tired so my post today is going to be short. Here we are at check-in once again, how did you do with meeting your mini goals? Mine went eh, I did pretty good at accomplishing them until the weekend hit. I went out of town and the goals I had set had this in mind but I did not commit to them as much as I needed to to lose the weight I wanted to. I don’t need to go into great detail but let’s say I didn’t meet ALL my goals and I did not lose 2lbs this week.

Now last week at check in I had met all my mini goals plus lost the weight I needed to do. Therefor I know my previous plans, when met, will get me to where I want to be. So as of now, as far as my weight loss and getting in shape goes, I have done all the steps in order to have a successful plan. Where I am lacking is the “doing” part of the plan. So really, it’s about re-evaluating how much I really want my bigger goal maybe going back to step one and building that deep desire for reaching it. This also brings me back to the topic of Integrity and doing what I need to do specifically because I said I would.

Now the only option I see from this point for me is to not fret about what I did not do last week but to instead focus more on what I need to do this week. The past is in the past and I can’t go back. I can only look forward.

Whatever your goals are I hope you are doing great. If not, keep going!!! Evaluate how you are using the 6 steps. So by now I think we all get the point of what my weight loss mini goals are for the next few weeks so I am not going to continuously state them on here. Right now I am going to make some new goals for this week.

Mini Goals:
* Have a successful blog
-write at least 3 posts this week (every other day) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all before bed the previous night.
*Have a fun birthday party for my son
-Get invitations out to my son’s school friends on Tuesday morning regarding his birthday party
*Have good turn out for jewlery party at my house
-Get more invitations out to my friends tonight
*Run a successful photography business
-Finishing editing pictures from a photo shoot I did last week by Friday
-Send out Client CD and Print Tuesday Morning in mail
-Send client invoice today by 3:00pm and get her CD in mail Tuesday
*Be a good friend
-Call and catch up with two friends on the phone after work on Monday.
*Be Happy

You can see I have other goals in my life so I briefly stated what they were and what I can do this week to work towards those bigger goals. Feel free to leave your “To-do” list below!!!


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