Mini Goal Monday: 6 Steps to Achieve Any Goal

I know I know, It’s not Monday any more. I tried to attempt my post yesterday but got so incredibly busy, not to mention sick, that I didn’t do it. BUT I am doing it today which matters right?

So how did everyone’s goals go? Are you getting better? staying the same? I would like to proudly say that I accomplished practically ALL of my goals last week. The only one I didn’t do was a work out video one of the mornings. I was so tired. I ended up losing 3lbs though which is very exciting.

I have 6 more weeks to meet my goal and since my scale was off for a bit without me knowing it, i still have ten more pounds. So I can just keep it at 10 pounds or i can break that down which is about 1.6 pounds a week which is VERY reasonable with good diet and exercise. I no longer have any extra space anymore to mess up without adding a ton to my weekly goals. THAT is the one thing that keeps me motivated. Let’s say next week I don’t lose any weight, well then the following week im gonna have to lose 3 lbs which is a little more hard and less exciting. Another thing that keeps me motivated is that I am in a bet with a friend. If I make my weight she owes me $100 towards a new outfit and if she makes her weight I owe her $100 towards a new outfit. So it’s a wash but we get new outfits out of it for our new bodies. Now I don’t want to end up having to owe her $100 without me getting my $100 too. Money is ALWAYS a good motivator. Esp when there is a chance I can not only make money but lose money. And then of course since the weather is getting hot now that bathing suit in my closet is always a good one too. And I can’t forget TIME. I always like to think about how TIME KEEPS MOVING WITH OR WITHOUT US. So summer is approaching and will be here regardless of me keeping my goal. I can choose to move forward with time or stay in place or even move backwards but no matter which direction i choose, summer is coming. And when it comes I will or will not have met my goal. The harder I work at achieving my goal the faster I will get there and the more time I will be able to enjoy having accomplished it. This summer I want to FINALLY say I made it versus it passing me by and waiting a whole other summer to have to SAME goal once again.

What do we need to do to keep goals? Especially goals that are typically hard for us to keep. I know not everyone’s goals are fitness goals but I know most of us have at least one goal that is typically hard to keep but we want to keep trying. Here are a few simple ways that can help you meet the goals you want.

The number one starting point to any achievement is desire. You want to feel the fire in your heart for this goal. The bigger the fire the bigger the heat. You need to make a deep emotional connection to your goal and why it is important for you to carry out. When you are emotionally attached to something and it means more to you for deeper reasons then you can easily keep it in mind and it becomes alive and more than just words. You have to REALLY REALLY REALLY want it.

This is “the secret” right here. Where most of the power of the Law of Attraction stands. What does it look like when you accomplish your goal? How do you feel? One of the most amazing things about life is that your world is based on of your mindset. Change your mindset and you change your life. When you ACT AS IF, you create positive thought and feelings which in turn create positive actions. Vision boards can be very helpful because they are constant reminder of the things you want. Start with hanging just one picture of the thing you want.

Every goal needs to start with a plan and action steps on how you will get there. Mini Goal Monday is one way I am trying to  help you create stepping-stones order to achieve the big goal you desire. Every goal no matter how big or small can be broken down to smaller attainable goals. This is actually crucial in goal planning and in reality makes it  A LOT easier too! While breaking down goals weekly, some even can and/or need to do it daily. Either way, always keep the end in mind.

 Lee Iacocca said, “The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.” I agree which is why I have been doing Mini Goal Mondays in the first place. When you write your goal and the specifics on how you are going to get there, you immediately will feel a deeper sense of commitment to it.

I couldn’t be more serious about the importance of this one. When you get specific with your pathway to your goal you make your goal really clear. You start to make time in your schedule to make sure you get done the things you need to do. To get specific just continue to break down your goal smaller and smaller. Key questions to continue to ask are HOW and WHEN.  A classic example is again what I try to achieve with these posts.

I want to lose 10lbs in 6 weeks. How? by losing 1.5 per week. How? By working out at least 4 times this week. How? Going to the gym, doing work out videos, hike/walk, etc. When? gym on Mon, Wed, Fri. Workout videos Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sun. Hike on Sat. When? gym Mon/Wed-8pm, Fri-4pm, videos – 7am, hike Sat-9am. And there we have it, I now have my exercise built into my schedule to better make sure I make it happens. Of course I can do the same thing with how I am going to eat right as well. You get the point?

This is where support comes into play. I have these posts so I can check in regularly with everyone and review how I did the previous week. I also weigh myself once a week every Sunday morning to make sure I hit my weekly goal. {If you are losing weight I suggest you don’t weigh yourself more than once a week as we tend to fluctuate throughout, and the most accurate time of day is in morning, after you’ve emptied yourself, naked}. It’s important to have support whether it’s from a friend, family member, co-worker, coach, trainer etc.  I check in with my friend that I have to bet with so I can have someone physically to hold me accountable.

These 6 steps seem very simple yet they are very powerful when done. If your goals aren’t being met it is important to analyze why. Don’t push it under the rug. Review the 6 steps and figure out where you are falling short or where some things may need to be changed. Don’t give up! Assess how deeply you want to achieve your goal. If you want it bad enough, you will get there. Also there is a slight difference in trying to achieve a goal versus ending a habit. If you want to end a habit, you can follow these steps to an extent but there are slightly different steps. Maybe next week we’ll go over those.

Mini-Goal “Monday”:
*Workout videos Mon-Fri 7am
*Gym Wed-9pm, Thurs-8pm, Sat-10:30am
*Wake up at 7am Mon-Fri
*Lose 2lbs.

Start the steps by writing your mini goals in the comments below. dont forget to be specific. Good Luck!

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