So I was snooping through my favorite blogs and came across a post on Tiny Buddha that I thought was very much needed now.

I have a 3-year-old son and it’s amazing to watch him through out the day. He gets so excited about the littlest of things. When I bring home oranges because they’re his favorite. When I signed up for soccer shots because it’s his favorite. When we go on a walk around the block because he gets to ride his favorite Lightening McQueen scooter. When he have a playdate with his friend, because Diego is his favorite buddy. He even has his favorite pair of socks. You get the point? And the BEST part about all of this is that his favorite things change practically daily. 🙂

Remember when you were a child and you used to want to be in a rush to grow up? And all the adults would tell you when you grow up you’ll just wish you were a kid again, yet for that “we think we know it all” syndrome we had we never believed them. You know what’s so magical about little kids? They are untouched by all the ruckus going on in the outside world. They are innocent and can see the PURE beauty of life. Yes, as we get older we rack up the responsibilities but this shouldn’t stop us from being able to stop and smell the roses. What is the point of life if you can’t enjoy it?

Last weekend I was on a bit of a strict schedule and I hadn’t even taken a shower yet. I had turned on some music because it helps me get in the mood and keeps me less distracted then television. My son loves dancing and he wanted to stop and dance. Of course I was thinking about how I was already running out of time to do some of the things that were on the good ‘ol “To-Do List”. But the look on my son’s face just made everything else non-existent for that moment. So I put everything down and I started dancing with him and let me tell you, it was probably the most enjoyable thing I did all day. We were just acting completely crazy and I actually felt like a kid again. Yes, I didn’t get to carry out every thing I meant to that day but sometimes you have to just stop and ENJOY LIFE!!!! Was it the end of the world that my list was completed, NO!!! It’s so awesome how a 3-year old can teach me to enjoy the little things life has to offer.

Tiny Buddha had their readers send in things that make them happy. They compiled a list of their favorite and here it is:

50 way to love life for free

1. Love. (Hansoul Kim)

2. Family. (Jo Alunan Taguinod)

3. Just being able to wake up to the sun shining in the morning. (Norma Lewis)

4. The ability to overcome hardships and appreciate what I already have instead of wishing I had more. (Ivy Lokojarvi)

5. Our ability to empathize. It allows us to connect and support each. (Heather Fulton)

6. The ridiculous things my dog and cats do. They live in the moment and enjoy being alive, and it reminds me to do the same. (Rachel Campbell)

7. That I am someone who makes a real difference in the world. (Marlu A Soria)

8.Moments of realization that I’m not as alone as I too often think I am. (Caleb Davis)

9. My children being healthy and happy. (Angelica Ortega)

10. Every breath I take reminds me I’m still here and still have much to enjoy. (Lorna Goodman)

11. The ones who never give up on me. (Li Maddocks)

12. Positive and creative people. (Vicky Agnew)

13. I love the moments when more than one person ‘get’s’ the illusory joke and for a moment sees that we are one. (Darla Shanti Serafina)

14. The love and support of my life partner. (Diane Delude)

15. Being alive and happy at this moment because is the only thing that exists. (Indi Pa)

16. Affecting people without realizing it. (Mike Love)

17. The beauty of it. No matter how bad things get, there is always something beautiful to keep us going forward. (Noel Knights)

18. All the funny people. (Neelie Echelon Michele Oliver)

19. Hope. (Majo Bustamante)

20. The unexpected things. (María Victoria Arteaga Hung)

21. That every moment in life is a chance for a new beginning. (Vanessa Powell)

22. Creating abundant joy is what I love most about life. (Shyloh Robinson)

23. The diversity that everyone brings to the table. (Andy Clemenko)

24. Trying new things. (Karen Gallion-Biggers)

25. The amazing way the universe can materialize just what you need. (Allison Seals McGee)

26. The way life’s traumas end up making the good times even sweeter. (Lisa McConnell)

27. Second chances. (Shari Ouillette)

28. I love when my daughter smiles at me, and says “Mommy, I love you.” (Haydee Lopez Cruz)

29. Freedom of choice! (Denise Robinson)

30. Everyday is another chance to get it right. (Jan Bu)

31. Seeing small plants start to bud and grow. (Erin Anderson)

32. It’s the little things that matter the most to me, like kisses on my forehead. (Manda Keifer)

33. I love the fact that I can see only love around me. (Kalpana Tewani)

34. People, nature, animals—everything. (Aisha Ar Radiyah)

35. Opportunities to start all over again. (Cristina Villacres)

36. Good food, good friends, good health, and a good night’s sleep! (Mikel O’Brien)

37. Smiles and laughter. (Erin Leslie Cassinelli)

38. Being free to do what I want when I want how I want. (Kim Toney)

39. How there are many paths to happiness, not just one. (Melanie Hazim ॐ)

40. The fact that nothing is permanent. You can always change what you don’t like. (Marcia Johnson)

41. All the free things like air, fresh water, kisses from my love, a hug from my daughter, learning from other people, observing nature and smelling flowers. ( Sarita A. Salas)

42. That we never really know what’s going to happen next. (Slovydal O’Brien)

43. Music. (Lori O’Connor)

44. The spontaneous and unexpected, if it’s positive. (Teresa O’Connor)

45. Knowing the difference between being alive and living. (Belinda Poree)

46. The incredible beauty that surrounds us if we look. (Jeanne E. Rohen)

47. Small moments of enlightenment that show you the path towards being a more fulfilled and compassionate human being. (Jacky Casumbal)

48. Quiet time. (Gerri Mills)

49. Being at peace. (Kylie Alyce Popejoy)

50. All of you. (Dan Schoenig)

Now my challenge is to you, make a list of ways you can enjoy life that are free and instead of just making a list, take time to ENJOY LIFE!!! Look at the kids you see around you and notice how carefree they are and how they have fun. Sometimes you have to put that busy responsibility filled life of yours on hold and enjoy the breath you are breathing. Otherwise WHATS THE POINT!?

Make time with your favorite buddy, buy your favorite food and enjoy it without thinking about how fat it’ll make you, color in a coloring book, play at the park, do stuff that makes you happy and grateful that you are alive.

until next time,

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