Mini Goal Monday: Listen to your Excuses

So it is Mini Goal Monday again!!! How did you all do on your goals?? Did you meet them?  Did you cheat a little? Did you not attempt at all?

So let’s see my goal was to go to the gym at least 3 times this week and lose 1.5 lbs. So I went to the gym on Monday when I said I would. I went to the gym on Wednesday the day I said I would, and on Friday a last-minute playdate came up with my son that I went to instead of the gym. I knew a few days before so I had already planned to still go to the gym afterwards. Well the playdate lasted a long time and then it was the Mega Lotto drawing, in which I had a lot of tickets for, so I did not end up going on Friday. I then was gonna go on Saturday but it rained , and then Sunday I had a birthday party, a photo shoot, and dinner to go to.

Did you just hear ALLLL those excuses I just made on why I failed to meet my goal??? That’s what happens when we fail at something we said we would do right. We immediately have to back ourselves up with the great, or not so great, reasons we couldn’t follow through. The funny part is that it feels like we HAVE to give a reason/excuse just to feel understood instead of simply taking responsibility for not doing what we said we’d do.

Have you ever been late to meet someone and when you finally talk to them or get there you have the excuse, real or not. “i lost my keys”, “There was so much traffic”, “I was running late”. There has to be SOMETHING! How often do you ever just say “I’m late, sorry!” or “I’m late because I didn’t prepare better”.  It’s a way to try to dodge the responsibility. It feels better when we put it on something, or someone, else.  I could have just said, “I didn’t go Friday” and left it at that but instead felt compelled to explain the reasons why so you could understand that I had no choice. Did I really have no choice though? Of course I did, I always do.  I could have went late night on Friday. I could have went on Saturday regardless of the rain and I could have went early Sunday morning. There WERE chances for me to go to the gym a third time but I CHOSE not to. How powerful is that. Owning my choice! So I even could have just said “I chose not to go to the gym on Friday, or the rest of the weekend” because in reality THAT is what happened.

I mean this even happens when we don’t even make promises, just when we flat out don’t want to do something. When you get invited to a party you dont want to go to. When you get asked to do something you don’t want to do. How many times do you either say you will do it, or will go and come up with an excuse later OR come up with an excuse right away?  What’s wrong with just saying “No, I not going to come” or “No, I don’t want to do that”?

I didn’t lose 1.5 lbs either. I chose not to! I chose to eat badly all weekend. I chose the easier route this time. Now could I be hard on myself for not meeting my mini goal this week. Of course I could and I could give up while I’m at it thinking im never gonna make it there. But ya know what the best thing to do when you can’t follow-up on a goal, or a promise, or something you said?? Move on, make another goal/promise and follow through on the new one.  We can’t go back and change what already happened {or didnt happen} but we can choose to continue and follow through the next time. Start restoring your integrity!

So my mini goal this week :
*Monday workout at home with weights 7:30, Tuesday go to Bikram Yoga 8:15, Wednesday go to TKB at the gym 8:00, and Friday go to the gym 3:30
*Lose 2lbs this week
and I’ll add a new one.
*Get out of my bed at 7am instead of 7:30/8:00am to start getting ready for work

what are your goals this week gonna be?

And I challenge you this….next time you aren’t able to follow-up on what you said you would or simply get asked to do something you don’t want to do, just NOTICE the excuses you make. FEEL how compelled you are to have to make them. TRY not to make any excuse and simply just TAKE responsibility. Once you start doing this, you can begin to see how responsible for your life you really are.  You will also ALWAYS notice the excuses other people make and their stories on why things just aren’t their fault. I’ll admit it starts to get annoying…. but REALIZE that this is how you sound when you make them too!

Check in next Monday!


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